Devotionals from Our Staff


Pivot to Enduring Truths

Are you having trouble focusing too much on the many changes in our world today? Listen as Linda Wylie shares the peace that can be found in choosing instead to pivot our thoughts to the enduring and unchanging truths found in Scripture.

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Shelter in Peace

Have you wondered how to find peace when daily confronted by stories of disease and hatred? Throughout the Bible we can find where shelter lies—our one true Refuge. Join Pastoral Leader Karen Hawkins as she reflects on passages from Psalms.

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Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak

The more noise surrounds us, the more we need to listen closely to hear God’s voice. With all the struggle and grief that has surrounded us over the past few months, it can be difficult to focus on what the Lord has to say to us in His Word. Watch this devotional from Associate Pastor Tony Cammarota and consider—Whose voice are you listening to the most?

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