Devotionals from Our Staff


Coping With Challenges Beyond Our Control

What do you do when you face struggles beyond your control? When you’re dealing with a challenge you can’t change, you can find comfort in the unchanging character of God. Listen as Darla Hill shares how studying the names of God is giving her peace during a difficult season, and how you can do the …

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Favorite Verse

Be encouraged by today’s Devo on the Go as Pastor Keith Tyler shares insights on one of his favorite Bible verses. Do you have a favorite verse that has seen you through the ups and downs of life? Share it in the comments! To learn more about who God is and what that means for …

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Love Above It All

When chaos seems to press in around us, a rich understanding of God’s love can calm our hearts and clear a path forward. Listen as Chris Whitson shares how Jesus’ love guided the apostle John through chaotic times, and prayerfully consider how God has done the same in your life.

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Battles Seen and Unseen

How do you prepare for the battles you face? Listen as Roy Williamson shares a verse that saw him through his years in the military, and how the verse took on a different meaning when he considered the psalm—and his life—as a whole.

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Mothers of the Bible: Bathsheba

When we think about mothers named in the Bible, we tend to think of the well-known women. Mary, Hannah, and Elizabeth all come to mind. The maternal figure I gravitate towards more, however, is a bit unexpected. I love the glimpses we get about the life of Bathsheba. It is unfortunate that most people only …

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Mothers of the Bible: Hannah

Infertility is one of the toughest seasons a woman can endure. If you are longing to be a mother and facing infertility, you dream of the day you will hold your own child in your arms, and yet they are empty. And it seems at every turn there is another reminder of what you do …

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Listen & Love

Take a moment to listen to God’s Word and be refreshed by the foundations of our faith in Him. Listen as Chrissy Smith reminds us how the Lord encourages us to receive and respond to His love.

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At One With God

What does it take to make us right with God? Listen as Stonebriar Elder Jay Madden At One With God walks us through the path to oneness, made possible by the atoning sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Find more devotionals and encouragement from God’s Word on our YouTube channel: SCC Devotionals

Remember to Never Forget

“Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things He does for me.” (Psalm 103:2 NLT)  Do you find yourself wishing you could forget the past year and all its challenges? Listen to this encouraging message from Karen Hawkins for insights on how remembering can reveal God’s faithfulness.

Connection & Humility

For us to connect with God, others, and our community, humility is key. Listen to today’s Devo on the Go from Pastor Keith Tyler, and read Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 5–7 for examples on how to humbly live out our faith with one another. Find more encouragement and insights from God’s Word on our YouTube …

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