Devotionals from Our Staff


The Fight Against Loneliness

Do you ever feel lonely or isolated? Come experience the connection you were created for as a part of God’s family. Listen as Pastor Joseph Gonzalez shares wisdom on overcoming loneliness, and find your way to connect with our church family this fall at Find more encouragement from God’s Word with devotionals from our …

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Turning Toward Christ

What has your attention and affection? What do you turn toward in the midst of conflict, or in the quiet of comfort? Listen as Amy Stamps shares why and how to turn ourselves toward God in every situation. Find more encouragement from God’s Word with devotionals from our staff on our YouTube channel: SCC Devotionals

Encouragement for Parents

Parents, need some encouragement? Listen as Ministry Leader Molly Jennerich shares wisdom and grace for parents, especially those with teenagers. Find more parenting resources from our Family Ministries team at Find more devotionals and encouragement from God’s Word on our YouTube channel: SCC Devotionals

Free to Serve

As followers of Christ, the ultimate Servant, how can we serve others with a heart that pleases the Lord? Listen as Elder Russell Patterson reveals the link between our motivations and our ability to serve well. Explore opportunities to serve our church family and community at Find more devotionals and encouragement from God’s Word …

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God’s love for us endures forever. That promise will never be broken. Be encouraged by this promise from God’s Word in today’s Devo on the Go, and take a moment to praise the Lord for His unfailing love!

What to Do With Worry

When you start to worry, pause and pray. Remember God’s invitation to lay your burdens at His feet, and trust in His care. Listen as Stonebriar Preschool Pals Director Kelley Wilkinson shares encouraging insights on what worry is and why we can give it over to God. Find more devotionals and encouragement from God’s Word …

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The Father’s Love

If Father’s Day brings you mixed emotions, be encouraged—God the Father loves you, now and forever. He says it in His Word, and He shows it in His actions as our Creator, Redeemer, and Comforter. Listen as Pastor Ignacio Cerda tells the story of a flawed father, and remember that where your father on earth …

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Coping With Challenges Beyond Our Control

What do you do when you face struggles beyond your control? When you’re dealing with a challenge you can’t change, you can find comfort in the unchanging character of God. Listen as Darla Hill shares how studying the names of God is giving her peace during a difficult season, and how you can do the …

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Favorite Verse

Be encouraged by today’s Devo on the Go as Pastor Keith Tyler shares insights on one of his favorite Bible verses. Do you have a favorite verse that has seen you through the ups and downs of life? Share it in the comments! To learn more about who God is and what that means for …

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Love Above It All

When chaos seems to press in around us, a rich understanding of God’s love can calm our hearts and clear a path forward. Listen as Chris Whitson shares how Jesus’ love guided the apostle John through chaotic times, and prayerfully consider how God has done the same in your life.

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