Pray for the Nations


Caleb and Nicolette Hutcherson from Lebanon

The Hutchersons work in partnership with Ras Beirut Baptist Church, an evangelical church in the heart of Beirut with a long history of ministry to those living in Lebanon and its neighboring countries. This short clip is from August 2023 as they visited our Contemporary Worship Service at Stonebriar.

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Interview with Shane and April Hudson

Shane and April Hudson are Stonebriar Community Church Missionaries in Spain. They shared during our Pray for the Nations gathering in February 2023 their Vision, Mission and Purpose for God placing them in Spain. Join us as we learn and pray together for Spain and this amazing family.

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Interview with Kirk and Sandlin Poth

Kirk and Sandlin Poth are Stonebriar Community Church supported Missionaries in Sligo, Ireland. Take a couple of minutes to get to know the Poth Family, their ministry in Ireland and how to pray for them in the coming days.

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Interview with Keith Lindley

Keith Tyler interviews Keith Lindley, missionary to the people of Japan.

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Romanian Update

photo: donated clothes in Romania for Ukrainian refugees

Missional Living wanted to keep you informed about what Stonebriar Community Church is involved with as we continue to pray for the nations, specifically the refugee situation in Ukraine. This week, we sent extra financial support to Global Outreach International (Ben Mogos) in Romania to assist his ministry as they meet needs in response to …

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Veracruz Missions Trip

Keith Tyler reports on the Stonebriar Student Ministries missions trip to the Veracruz and Las Chacas, Mexico areas.

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Praying for Uvalde, TX and Our Nation

David Ake (Marriage Pastor and Cares Ministry Pastor) sits down with Keith Tyler (Missional Living Pastor) to discuss how we can respond biblically to the devastation of the mass shooting in our country and pray together.

Thank You from IFL Polska

Thank you for not standing aside from the trouble that has come to Ukraine and your open heart that is ready to help, as well as the fact that we can count on your devotion. It is much easier to go through this trial of life together.

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Pray for Romania and Ukraine: Ben Mogos

Interview with Ben Mogos and Keith Tyler from Stonebriar Community Church discussing how the War in Ukraine is affecting Eastern Europe, specifically Romania and what God is doing in the midst of it all.

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Pray for Ukraine – Zoom Call Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined our virtual prayer meeting for Ukraine today. In every situation, we know the Lord hears the prayers of those who cry out to Him, and He responds in His sovereign power and mercy. Please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine, our missionaries in Eastern Europe, and everyone …

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