Featured Missionary


Meet Missionary Alisa

Located in Moscow, Russia, Alisa teaches English to young business people who are interested in western culture, introducing them to the Gospel’s message of redemption and the value of the individual made in God’s image. Learn more about Alisa’s ministry and how you can encourage her through our Adopt a Missionary program.

Meet Missionaries Kirk and Sandlin

Featured Missionaries: Kirk and Sandlin Poth

Located in Ireland, which is the least-evangelized English-speaking country in the world, Kirk and Sandlin Poth have followed the Lord’s calling to minister in Post-Christian Catholic Europe since 1984. Partnering with WorldVenture, the Poths’ mission focus is church planting, evangelism, and leadership development. Find out how you can pray for and encourage missionaries like Kirk …

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Meet Missionaries Bego and Larry

Featured Missionaries: Bego & Larry

Bego and Larry serve locally with Global Training Network to equip ministry leaders to serve around the world. In addition to theological education, they teach a range of essential leadership skills, such as vision planning, communication, and goal implementation. Learn more about Bego and Larry, as well as other Stonebriar missionaries, at stonebriar.org/adopt-a-missionary.

Meet Missionaries Staszek and Asia

Featured Missionaries: Staszek & Asia Bialecki

Staszek and Asia serve with CRU to spread the Gospel in predominately Roman Catholic Poland. Staszek teaches theology courses for CRU missionaries in Eastern Europe and pastors a house church meeting within their home, and Asia focuses on evangelism and discipleship of women. Learn more about the Bialeckis and other missionaries on our website.

Meet Missionaries Caleb and Nicolette

Featured Missionaries: Caleb and Nicolette Hutcherson

Located in Beirut, Lebanon, Caleb and Nicolette Hutcherson focus on education at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary and ministry to at-risk children through Safe Haven Society. Learn more about the Hutchersons and other Stonebriar missionaries in the Atrium or on our Adopt a Missionary page.

Meet Missionary Logan

Featured Missionary: Logan

Logan serves with Bridges International to reach university students with the Gospel and equip them to make disciples in their home countries around the world. Learn more about Logan’s ministry and other Stonebriar missionaries on our Adopt a Missionary page.

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Meet Missionaries Dr. Monroe “Monnie” & Joan Brewer

Featured Missionaries: Dr. Monroe "Monnie" and Joan Brewer

Monnie and Joan work with Voice of the Martyrs and East-West Ministries to minister to the persecuted Church around the world. Having served in this area of ministry for 46 years, Monnie trains and mentors persecuted pastors in communist, Buddhist, Hindu, and Islamic countries. Learn more about the Brewers and other Stonebriar missionaries in the Atrium on our Adopt a Missionary page.

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Meet Missionaries Shane & April

Featured Missionaries: Shane & April Hudson

Shane and April Hudson focus on evangelism and discipleship in Spain, where only one percent of the population claims Jesus as their Savior. The Hudsons reach people with the Gospel where they are through activities like rock climbing, and they teach locally at an evangelical seminary. Learn more about the Hudsons and other Stonebriar missionaries …

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Meet Missionaries Steve & Kathie

Featured Missionaries: Steve & Kathie Arnold

Steve and Kathie Arnold have been members of Stonebriar since 2001. Using creative life-skills evangelism, their ministry shares the Gospel of Christ and provides training for long-term discipleship and prayer in Russia, Albania, Kenya, and Ukraine. Learn more about the Arnolds and other Stonebriar missionaries in the Atrium on Sunday or at www.stonebriar.org/missions.

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Meet Missionaries Ben & Anda

Featured Missionaries: Ben & Anda Mogos

Ben focuses on church planting and leadership development, while Anda specializes in Christian counseling. Together they serve through Bible college teaching and lead Insight for Living Romania. Learn more about the Mogos and other Stonebriar missionaries in the Atrium on Sunday or at www.stonebriar.org/missions.

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