Four Habits For Your Marriage

Marriage may not come with a user manual, but here are four habits that can help your marriage work as God designed! Want to learn more and put these habits into practice? Sign up for our online Summer Marriage Study of “Your Best Us” by Ted Lowe, starting June 17. Find details here

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Marriage Moment: Perspective

Seeing those around you from the right perspective is so important, especially in your marriage. Watch this quick Marriage Moment from David and Jamie Ake to hear about two biblical lenses that will help couples see their spouses the way God sees them.

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Marriage Moment

Hey, married couples—enjoy this encouragement from Marriage Ministry leaders Pastor David Ake and his wife, Jamie! For more encouragement and resources for couples, join

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“Are We There Yet?”

“Are We There Yet?”—Quarantine Encouragement for Your Marriage

As we were quarantining the other day, my wife, Jamie, turned to me and said, “You know, this is like the family road trip that never ends.” How true, how true . . . I instantly went in my mind to the crowded backseat of my parents’ 1981 Ford Fairmont when I was a child, …

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