Four Resources

A Letter From Care Ministries Pastor Steve Fischer
Four Resources

Some of you have heard me repeat the same message for the past three years, but at no time is it more relevant. It is the message of the “four resources” our Lord provides to each of His children. These resources are much-needed during this difficult time when uncertainty, confusion, and complexity have become the “coin of the realm.” These are the resources that allow us to gain simple access to Him—access that is a free gift to us, yet one that cost Him everything.

  1. The Word of God
    The Living Word of God establishes His sovereignty from creation and salvation, through sanctification and His return. Open your Bible and Read how the Word of God speaks to the promises of God.
  2. The Song of God
    For many, music is the language of their souls. The Psalms reflect a unique collection of songs and stories that bring comfort and truth to its readers. Find music that ministers to your soul and Listen to it often.
  3. The Spirit of God
    The Spirit of God is that other “voice” that has been placed in you by God Himself. Much of our fear, anxiety, sadness, or anger is because we often rehearse in our minds a very destructive monologue. We often fail to listen to the voice of truth, grace, love, and mercy, the voice of the Holy Spirit. Recognize and Choose which voice you are most apt to listen to.
  4. The People of God
    While we are all becoming practitioners of “social distancing,” it has never been more important to lean heavily into community . . . friends and family that our Lord provided long before we knew of COVID-19. I have never been a “power-user” of social media, but I have found it to be an important tool to connect with my family, my friends, and my faith community. We have not been designed to be alone; loneliness and isolation are arrows straight from Satan’s quiver. Connect with others remotely and Deepen your relationships daily.

I urge each of you during this odd season to establish a personal practice of utilizing these four resources that God has given to you. When fully, consistently, and daily-lived, they’ll provide a pathway through any and all uncertainty.

Stay faithful,

Pastor Steve


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