Melissa Renner


Mothers of the Bible: Bathsheba

When we think about mothers named in the Bible, we tend to think of the well-known women. Mary, Hannah, and Elizabeth all come to mind. The maternal figure I gravitate towards more, however, is a bit unexpected. I love the glimpses we get about the life of Bathsheba. It is unfortunate that most people only …

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A 2021 Resolution

What are your hopes for the new year? Be encouraged and inspired as Pastoral Leader Melissa Renner challenges us to embrace a new resolution for 2021. This year and always, may we worship the Lord, abide in Him, and make His name known. Find ways to connect with God and others this year on our Events page.

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Longing for the Eternal

In Scripture, we find many examples of believers longing to be with both the Lord and His people. Listen as Pastoral Leader Melissa Renner shares how she has missed the glimpses of Heaven she’s seen for so many years when gathering with friends and mentors for Bible studies at our church, and be encouraged—whether you are with our church family online or in person, we love you and we are praying for you!

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