Ignacio Cerda


The Father’s Love

If Father’s Day brings you mixed emotions, be encouraged—God the Father loves you, now and forever. He says it in His Word, and He shows it in His actions as our Creator, Redeemer, and Comforter. Listen as Pastor Ignacio Cerda tells the story of a flawed father, and remember that where your father on earth …

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Slaying Dragons

With all the daily uncertainty we face, it is easy to feel like we are slaying dragons! Pastor Gerson Cerda shares a timely message from the first chapter of Joshua about the importance of being resolute in our obedience to Christ. Through Pastor Cerda’s thoughtful encouragement, we learn how to face unknown circumstances with the strength and courage given to us from a known God. If we can learn to be steadfast in understanding God’s ways, He will bring us help and direction along the way. He will help us slay dragons!

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