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Valentine’s Day was earlier this week—some of us got it right, some of us got it wrong, and some of us missed it all together. And to most of us in the parenting-younger-kids phase of our lives, Valentine’s Day is more about getting your kids to school with a Valentine box than celebrating ourselves.

But this week on our parenting blog, Pastor David Ake from Marriage Ministries encourages us to give the gift of care to our spouse, not just on Valentine’s Day but throughout the year.

Take a look at these tips for a second chance at Valentine’s Day on our Parenting Pathway blog.

The Core Strengths in a Great Marriage

Tonight is the last Marriage Moment until the fall, so don’t miss these tips for creating a strong core in your marriage, and stay tuned for more in the months ahead. If you and your spouse want to enrich your marriage, join us at Marriage Core this fall! Learn more and sign up today at …

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How to Serve Your Spouse in Love

Couples, watch tonight’s Marriage Moment for three beautiful encouragements on how to serve your spouse in love, and remember to join us for an unforgettable date night this Friday at Marriage Live! Learn more and get your tickets today at stonebriar.org/events.

Words With a Bite

Are your words robbing your spouse of the truth about how God loves them? Whether sharp and angry or jokingly sarcastic at your spouse’s expense, this week’s Marriage Moment considers how your words and actions reflect your heart and character as well as how you see God’s love and grace reflected in yourself (Ephesians 5:28–29). …

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A Marriage Powered by Patience

“With patience, we can be a catalyst for change and a vessel of God’s grace to our spouse.” Listen as David and Jamie Ake share wisdom for couples from Colossians 3, and find more resources for a stronger marriage at stonebriar.org/marriage.

Forgiving Your Spouse

Learn how to give your spouse the gift of forgiveness in tonight’s Marriage Moment, and find more biblical wisdom, community, and support at stonebriar.org/marriage.

Blueprint for a Loving Marriage

Couples, uncover the biblical blueprint for loving your spouse and hear about three ways you can connect with each other in tonight’s Marriage Moment. Visit stonebriar.org/marriage to learn more about our One Thing(s) study, Summer Soak-In & Luau date night, and Marriage Live! event, and sign up to join the fun!

The Right Mindset for Marriage

What’s one thing at the center of every great marriage? Grace! Find out why a grace-filled mindset can keep your love strong in tonight’s Rooted Marriage Moment. And remember to join our One Thing(s) marriage study and upcoming date nights to have fun and grow closer to your spouse this summer! Learn more at stonebriar.org/marriage.

One Principle for a Better Marriage

What is the one principle that can create a happy, fulfilling marriage? Listen as Marriage Ministries leaders David and Jamie Ake share wisdom on the powerful principle of oneness. Find ways to connect with your spouse and enrich your marriage with our One Thing(s) summer study and our upcoming date nights! Learn more at stonebriar.org/events.

Everyday Dating

Remember how much fun you had dating your future spouse? Listen to these practical tips on sparking that same kind of joyful connection in your marriage today. Find more ways to connect at stonebriar.org/marriage, and stay tuned for details on our upcoming summer date nights!