Barbara Deatherage


Hearts Set on Pilgrimage

Are we taking our strength from the past, or are we searching for strength from the Lord? Come alongside Barbara Deatherage, Elementary Ministry Leader, as she teaches us precious lessons to set our hearts on a pilgrimage to discover the Lord’s strength as we face the future. We must learn to relinquish to God what is lost, in light of what we are gaining, and set our hearts on a personalized pilgrimage to follow the Lord.

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Mom . . . Where Does Your Help Come From? 

Parenting Pathway Blog

On our Parenting Pathway blog, Family Ministries Pastor Dave Carl offered a perspective on how believers can view the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to our lives. If you’re a parent who wants to know how to talk to your kids about this crisis, or if you’re working to wrap your own mind around how God is present in the midst of suffering, read Dave’s article today.

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