Home Fellowships

Build friendships and explore truth in a small group community
Home Fellowships

Connection, friendship, belonging—we all crave these things, maybe more now than we ever have before. The Lord designed us to need relationships with Him and with other people. So how do we build those relationships? One of the best places to start is in a Home Fellowship.

Home Fellowships are small groups where people study God’s Word together, pray for each other, and encourage one another through the joys and challenges of life. These groups meet in homes throughout our community, providing a relaxed atmosphere where people can genuinely get to know one another.

Our church needs more people to start Home Fellowships this year, so if you’re looking for connection and want to help others experience God’s love, consider starting a group!

Lead a Home Fellowship in Your Neighborhood

Small Group Leader TrainingYou don’t have to be a Bible expert or a perfect host to lead a Home Fellowship—you just need a love for God, His Word, and His people. As a leader, you’ll help guide the conversation as you study God’s Word and show Christ-like hospitality to group members and guests.

To start your journey to becoming a Home Fellowship leader, sign up for our next training course! This new three-week training will teach you the basics of facilitating a small group and help you prayerfully decide if leading a Home Fellowship is right for you.

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Home Fellowships Leader Q&A

What does a typical Home Fellowship meeting look like?

The answer varies per group, but a typical gathering will involve time for people to chat and catch up, share prayer requests and pray together, and study the Bible, often using a book or study guide. Some groups share a meal or snacks, and some choose to worship together in song. As your group gets started, you’ll discover your own unique needs and preferences for connecting with God and one another!

What are the qualifications to become a Home Fellowship leader?

Before becoming a leader, we ask that you complete our church’s Membership Class, regularly attend our worship services for at least six months, and go through our three-week leader training course. These practices will help you learn our church’s beliefs and culture, help us get to know you, and equip you to faithfully lead a group.

If you’re interested in leading but do not yet meet these qualifications, reach out to Ministry Coordinator Sarah McFarlane at sarahm@stonebriar.org so we can help you take your next step.

Does joining the training course mean I’m committing to lead a Home Fellowship?

There is no leadership commitment required to join the training—everyone is welcome to take the course just to learn more! Once you go through the training, our leaders will talk with you and help you prayerfully determine if you’re ready to start a group.

What kind of support do Home Fellowship leaders receive after the training?

Our Equipping Ministries team will support you every step of the way as you launch and lead your Home Fellowship. Our team is always available to answer questions, and we’ll visit your group on occasion to connect and pray for you.

Could I lead a Home Fellowship outside of my home?

Yes! Though Home Fellowships typically meet in the leader’s home, groups can gather elsewhere, like a coffee shop or local park. If you prefer not to meet in your home, we do recommend choosing somewhere quiet enough that your group can hear one another and feel comfortable sharing about their lives.

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Sarah McFarlane
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Have More Questions? Contact Us!

If you’d like to learn more about Home Fellowships and our leader training course, please reach out to Ministry Coordinator Sarah McFarlane at sarahm@stonebriar.org.