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Sermon Outlines

The Gospel by Matthew

The Gospel by Matthew Chart

Let's Meet the King - November 2, 2014
Rather than starting our study of Matthew with the first verse and immediately plunging into the details of the verses that follow, it will help us to grasp an overview of the entire account. Click here to read more and view the outline.

The Genesis of Jesus (Matthew 1:1-17 ) - November 9, 2014
Anyone who makes the decision to read through the New Testament for the first time immediately encounters a daunting challenge. Right out of the chute, the reader has to wade through a long list of names. To make matters worse, most of the names are unfamiliar, and some are difficult to pronounce.   Click here to read more and view the outline.

Try Standing in Joseph’s Sandals (Matthew 1:18–25) - November 16, 2014
The story of Jesus’ miraculous conception and remarkable birth is the best-known story in the whole Bible. Other births recorded in the Scriptures may be amazing, perhaps even spectacular, like Isaac being born to his 90-year-old mother, Sarah; Elizabeth giving birth to John at a very old age; and Hannah, who was unable to have children, finally getting pregnant with Samuel. However, none can compare to the birth of Jesus from the virgin womb of Mary.   Click here to read more and view the outline.

Wise Men, Wicked Men... and Us (Matthew 2:1–12) - November 23, 2014
When we come to this section of Scripture, we immediately recall the lyrics of the well-known Christmas carol composed in 1857 by the Episcopal minister John H. Hopkins, Jr. He based his words on the traditional Christmas story handed down through many generations:
“We three kings of Orient are, bearing gifts we traverse afar,
Field and fountain, moor and mountain–following yonder star.
O, star of wonder, star of night, star with royal beauty bright,
Westward leading, still proceeding, guide us to Thy perfect light.”
Click here to read more and view the outline.

Destination Driven Dreams (Matthew 2-13-23) - November 30, 2014
One dream has already played an important role in our study of the Gospel by Matthew.  It was the dream Joseph had as he was wrestling with how he should respond to Mary’s  shocking announcement of her pregnancy. In that dream (1:20–23), an angel of the Lord appeared to him, assuring him he had no reason to be afraid to take Mary as his wife. What happened in that dream was sufficient to convince Joseph to marry the woman he loved, even though he would never be able to fully explain the miracle in her womb.  Click here to read more and view the outline.

Strange Preacher. . .Strong Proclamation (Matthew 3:1–17) - January 4, 2015
Through the years, there have been some unusual preachers who have delivered powerful messages. Consider some who lived in biblical days. Noah built a huge boat while proclaiming his message for well over 100 years before a disinterested, antagonistic audience. Moses did not get started until he was 80 years old. Then, he made up for lost time for the next 40 years.  Click here to read more and view the outline.

Surprised by Jesus (Matthew 3:11–17) - January 11, 2015
One of the major challenges Christians face when reading the Scriptures is overexposure. As a result, we seldom read verses with “fresh eyes.” Since we are overly familiar with the stories surrounding Jesus as set forth in the four Gospels, we already know what is coming next, unlike those in the original scene.  Click here to read more and view the outline.

Acing the Devil’s Tests (Matthew 4:1–11) - February 8, 2015
The ministry of Jesus was launched at His baptism. It must have been an emotional high mark in His life—especially when He heard those affirming words from the Father in heaven: “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.”  Click here to read more and view the outline.

Where and How It All Began (Matthew 4:12–25) - February 15, 2015
The earthly ministry of Jesus is an intriguing study. He travels (mainly, by foot) from one area, town, and/or city to another, making His message known. Without exception, He attracts large crowds through His words and His actions.  Click here to read more and view the outline.

The Sermon of All Sermons (Matthew 5, 6 and 7) - February 22, 2015
Of the millions of sermons that have been preached down through the centuries, none is more famous, more convicting, or more enduring than the one Jesus preached shortly after beginning His ministry. We know it as the “Sermon on the Mount.”  Click here to read more and view the outline.

The Checklist for Lasting Joy (Matthew 5:1-12) - March 1, 2015
For many, the search for lasting joy is a frustrating and futile effort. Everybody is looking, but few find it. We long to know the secret of being truly contented deep within . . . regardless of our circumstances, our financial status, our rank or position in life, our list of accomplishments, or our personal health.  Click here to read more and view the outline.

Shake and Shine! (Matthew 5:13–16) - March 15, 2015
One of our passionate desires as Christians left on this earth is to make a difference. Few believers want to exist for a while, then ride off into the sunset with a shrug, thinking, “Who really cares?” No, we would much rather think that as a result of investing all these years on this planet, others’ lives were changed for the better as a result of our influence.  Click here to read more and view the outline.

Crucial Truths, Rarely Understood (Matthew 5:17–20) - March 22, 2015
No one spoke more clearly than Jesus. Without any attempt to parade His wisdom or flaunt His role, He moved quietly into the ranks of humanity and confidently explained truth like none other. What courage that took! For many long years faulty information had been taught by the religious aristocracy. With unquestioned authority, they twisted the meaning of Holy Scripture, offering interpretations that were faulty, while making demands that were extreme.  Click here to read more and view the outline.

Steering Clear of Murder (Matthew 5:21–26) - March 29, 2015
The teachings of Jesus are both insightful and clarifying. They stand in sharp contrast to the traditional religious instruction we have been taught throughout our lives. That is true now and was equally true when Jesus walked among His disciples and taught the Truth during His earthly ministry.  Click here to read more and view the outline.

Whatever Happened to Fidelity and Honesty? (Matthew 5:27–37) - April 19, 2015
One obvious, telltale sign of moral erosion in a society is the breakdown of integrity. On the domestic scene it reveals itself most clearly in the absence of marital fidelity. Something is terribly wrong when a long-term marriage is a rarity—the exception rather than the rule. In the personal realm, the lack of integrity is most blatantly evidenced by verbal dishonesty.  Click here to read more and view the outline.

Shocking Advice to the Selfish and Strong-Willed (Matthew 5:27–37) - April 26, 2015
If we did not know it before, we will discover today that Jesus did not mince words. He had a way of saying things that were so unexpected, so radical, those who heard Him could scarcely forget what He said. What makes Jesus’ words even more radical is He had the audacity to say them to those who lived in Galilee, which was a culture that had no tolerance for “turning the other cheek” and virtually no room for forgiveness in their hearts.  Click here to read more and view the outline.

Beware! Religious Performance Now Showing (Matthew 6:1–8) - May 3, 2015
Few things were more a turnoff to Jesus than religion on parade. He reserved His severest criticism
for hypocrites—especially religious hypocrites—who liked to be seen showing off their piety in order
to impress others. He was a master at exposing what was beneath the veneer of all that nonsense. Click here to read more and view the outline.

Prayer and Fasting Minus All the Pizzazz (Matthew 6:9–18) - May 10, 2015
We are engaged in a study of the Gospel by Matthew, which includes the Sermon on the Mount that Jesus delivered early in His earthly ministry. We are learning that what He taught that day was
information His listeners had not previously heard.  Click here to read more and view the outline.

The Lure of a Lesser Loyalty (Matthew 6:19–24) - May 17, 2015
The roots of secret erosion go deep into the soil of humanity. No one is immune—neither the young, nor the middle-aged . . . not even those who have walked with the Lord for decades. The supple, teachable years of our youth can erode, leaving the aging brittle, boastful, and/or bitter.  Click here to read more and view the outline.

Our Favorite Sin (Matthew 6:25–34) - May 24, 2015
In His immortal Sermon on the Mount, Jesus delivered truth that was not only true, but also timeless. Whoever reads His words in Matthew 5, 6, and 7 would never guess they were spoken so many centuries ago. They drip with practicality and significance. Click here to read more and view the outline.

Attention, All Speck Inspectors! (Matthew 7:1–5) - May 31, 2015
Some sermons make us sleepy because they are boring, irrelevant, and uninteresting. Others make us angry as we endure the abuse of being word-whipped and shamed, rather than instructed and encouraged. Those that connect most effectively, remaining memorable for years to come, do so because of three things:
1. They grab our attention.
2. They help us understand the truth.
3. They motivate us to make important, personal decisions.
Click here to read more and view the outline.

Pearls, Pigs, Prayers, and People (Matthew 7:6–12) - June 7, 2015
Without realizing it, we frequently quote from the Sermon on the Mount. These statements that punctuate our speech are familiar to all of us—so familiar, in fact, they stand as mottos in our minds. Click here to read more and view the outline.

Three Non-Politically-Correct Warnings (Matthew 7:13–23) - June 14, 2015
The closer Jesus comes to the end of His magnificent Sermon on the Mount, the greater His intensity. By now it is clear that He is not meekly making a few simple suggestions for everybody to “try a little harder and do a little better.” Click here to read more and view the outline.

The Secret of an Unsinkable Life (Matthew 7:24–29) - June 21, 2015
Storms and life go together. There is no place on earth where we can be free—completely safe— from trauma, tension, or trouble. What Job wrote was spot-on: “Man, who is born of woman, is short-lived and full of turmoil” (Job 14:1). Click here to read more and view the outline.

 Snapshots of Power, Far and Near (Matthew 8:5–17) - October 25, 2015
Anyone who studies the four Gospel accounts of the life and ministry of Jesus realizes that what is recorded is not a continuous story as if captured on film, like a lengthy movie, but periodic situations captured in writing, like literary snapshots, taken by someone standing near the Savior.  Click here to read more and view the outline.

 How Not to Follow Jesus (Matthew 8:18–27) - November 1, 2015
Talk is cheap. Many people have the ability to use a lot of verbiage; they say a lot of words, but either don’t mean what they say or don’t admit what they’re hiding. The slang expression we have for this is “running off at the mouth.”  Click here to read more and view the outline.

Dealing with Demons - January 3, 2016
There are amazing scenes and stories in the Bible that almost take our breath away. When we picture ourselves being there, seeing with our own eyes the incredible events as they take place and wondering how everything will turn out, we are held in the grip of our imagination. The disciples of Jesus occupied a front-row seat throughout Jesus’ earthly ministry. How often they must have stared in amazement at what they saw and heard . . . mouths wide open, shocked beyond words! Click here to read more and view the outline.

A Soul-Searching Walk Alongside Jesus - January 10, 2016
Even a casual reading of these verses in Matthew’s account leaves you with the feeling of walking right next to Jesus. As He climbs into a boat to sail back across the Sea of Galilee (v.1), you climb in, too. While He is inside that house packed with people, you can almost feel the crush of the crowd . . . and when He forgives the paralyzed man then answers His critics before healing the paraplegic, it is as if you can hear His voice (vv.2–8). Click here to read more and view the outline.

A Non-Stop Day of Miracles - January 17, 2016
Chances are good that you have known busy, demanding days . . . days when you have had to work hard to catch your breath. One problem led to another. They went something like this: a very significant event happened or some serious problem emerged, and you had to stop to address it . . . and while in the midst of putting out that fire, another burst into to a blaze. You hardly had a chance get that flame extinguished before yet another occurred and then another. Jesus faced that sort of day recorded by Matthew in the section of Scripture we are looking at today. Click here to read more and view the outline.

Listen Well, Think Right, Talk Straight, Travel Light - January 24, 2016
It is easy to forget the disciples as we focus on all that Jesus said and did. They were by His side throughout His earthly ministry, always watching, frequently learning, and occasionally responding. Their training remained at the forefront of His agenda, even though He usually did not call attention to it. Click here to read more and view the outline.

Sheep Among Wolves: What to Expect - January 31, 2016 
Up until now, the disciples of Jesus have remained, for the most part, behind the scenes. They have watched their Master while standing back in the safety and security of His shadow. As He taught, they listened; as He dealt with criticism, they stayed quiet and observed; as He healed the sick, cast demons out of their victims, and raised the dead, they were impressed but uninvolved. No longer. Click here to read more and view the outline.

A Severe Checklist for Disciples - February 7, 2016 
Two words describe the instructions of Jesus to those who are loyal to Him: painfully honest. As one keen-thinking student of the New Testament has written, “Nowhere is the sheer honesty of Jesus more vividly displayed than it is here.” Truth be told, we are either for Him or against Him—there is no middle ground. Click here to read more and view the outline.

When Disappointment Leads to Doubt - February 14, 2016
There is an all-too-familiar syndrome each of us can identify with. It goes like this: We set our hearts on something we long for and we think will occur. As we turn it over in our minds, we can mentally see it happening. Our anticipation grows into confident expectations. In fact, we become so confident it is going to happen, nothing can dissuade us—it is only a matter of time before the imagined seems more like reality. Click here to read more and view the outline.

When Jesus Turned Up The Heat - February 21, 2016 
When people hear the message of Jesus, they have a choice. Either accept it, then go on to have their lives transformed, or follow the majority and reject it altogether. Such rejection is expressed in one of two ways: either active resistance or passive indifference. Those who are active in their resistance aggressively (sometimes loudly and violently) stand against it. The rest express their indifference by ignoring His message altogether. This dual response is not only true in the twenty-first century; it was true back in the first century, when Jesus lived on earth and ministered to others. Click here to read more and view the outline.

Get Some Rest - February 28, 2016
Of all the things Jesus said during His earthly ministry, the words we are considering today are among the most beloved in all the New Testament. Most Christians, serious about their walk with the Lord, can quote the last three verses of Matthew 11 from memory. As is often true, we learn Bible verses and even quote them to others without being aware of the context of the words when they were originally spoken. Click here read more and view the outline.

Sabbath Lord vs. Religious Nitpickers - April 24, 2016
Some confrontations are essential. There are times when it is right to fight. While He was not looking for an argument, Jesus never ran away from one if there was a significant principle at stake. Whenever wrong-thinking was attempting to override the truth, Jesus refused to shrug it off and look the other way. He stood His ground in order to set the record straight. Click here to read more and view the outline.

God's Servant or Satan's Pawn? - May 1, 2016
We are in a section of Matthew’s Gospel where Jesus occupies center stage. As we just saw, He stood toe-to-toe with the Pharisees, confronting them with the difference between their man-made, uninspired “traditions” and the God-given, inspired Law as set forth in the Scriptures. His exposé resulted in their beginning to plot His death. Click here to read more and view the outline.

Severe Warnings Everyone Must Remember - May 15, 2016
Two words best describe the context surrounding Jesus at this stage of His earthly ministry: growing hostility. When news first reached the official religious authorities, the Pharisees and scribes, telling them of His ever-enlarging following, they began to check Jesus out, initially motivated by mere curiosity. Click here to read more and view the outline.

Miraculous Signs, Evil Spirits, Startling Statement - May 22, 2016
Understanding the Bible can be complicated. To begin with, it is difficult for us to put ourselves in the scenes portrayed in Scripture. As the biblical narrative runs its course, it flows through unfamiliar places, among people we have never met, who lived in a first-century, middle-eastern culture altogether different from our twenty-first-century, western world. Click here to read more and view the outline.

A Story for the Hard of Listening - May 29, 2016  
Something has definitely changed. Anyone reading through the Gospel by Matthew realizes this when reaching chapter 13. Before, Jesus spoke openly and freely. He offered Himself without restraint, demonstrating by His words and by His works that He was, in fact, the long-awaited Messiah. Click here read more and view the outline.

 A World Full of Wheat and Weeds - June 5, 2016   
Where is God when I need Him? We know that God is not only holy, but also just. In light of that, why does He permit so much evil, and why is He so slow in dealing with it? We long for our righteous Lord to step in and deal with evil—sooner, not later! Click here to read more and view the outline.

 Get It? Got It? Good! - June 12, 2016   
Anybody who enjoys stories with hidden meanings would love the thirteenth chapter of Matthew! Jesus tells one story after another, some to a large, random gathering of people (13:2) who stood near the shoreline of a lake, trying to figure out what the stories meant. Click here to read more and view the outline.

 The Strangest of All Gifts: A Beheading - September 11, 2016
Some people think the Bible is drab, dull, and boring. Obviously, they have never read the stories that are woven through both the Old and New Testaments. Truth be told, it is virtually impossible to find one that comes close to drab, dull, or boring! Some hold us in rapt attention since they are so heartbreakingly sad, and others are so witty and downright funny, we laugh out loud! Many are filled with adventure, surprise, and excitement. Click here to read more and view the outline.

 Eating a Miracle for Dinner - September 18, 2016
The miracle of “the feeding of the 5,000” is the only miracle of Jesus recorded in all four Gospel accounts. This gives us some idea of how significant it was. However, because it has become overly familiar to us, we miss its importance and tend to diminish in our minds what a magnificent event it was. Click here to read more and view the outline.

 What Brings Us to Our Knees? - October 2, 2016
As Matthew tells the story of what it was like to walk with Jesus, he takes us into some unforgettablescenes with the disciples. With the help of our imagination, we can go where they went, see what they saw, feel what they felt, and even do what they did. Today we will relive one of their most unforgettable experiences. Click here to read more and view the outline.

 Spiritual Blind Spots - October 9, 2016 
Try to imagine being physically blind . . . plunged into a world of perpetual darkness. Those who are totally blind can see neither light nor any of the images that surround them. We who are able to see find it almost impossible to enter into what it would be like to be blind. Interestingly, a person can have physical sight but at the same time be spiritually blind. There may be nothing wrong with their eyesight, but their minds have been blinded (see 2 Corinthians 4:4). Click here to read more and view the outline.

 Feeding Scraps to a “Dog” - October 16, 2016 
We have all known what it is like to be “at wits’ end.” It happens when we reach the absolute final measure of our strength, when we realize we do not have the ability to change our situation. All attempts to alter our predicament and decrease the pain of reality have proven futile. Parents often face this with one (or more) of their children. No matter how much we love them and are willing to do for them to turn things around, we cannot bring the change that is needed. Click here to read more and view the outline.

 Touches of Compassion on Tons of Needs - October 23, 2016
It is easy to move too quickly through the scenes in Scripture. Familiarity can breed indifference. Because we have heard many of the stories since we were young, it is easy to skate along the surface and fail to enter into the feelings that played such a significant role in each event. This is especially true while walking with Jesus as He walked among His peers. Click here to read more and view the outline.

 Testy Critics and Dull Disciples - October 30, 2016 
The beat goes on and on . . . and on. While continuing His earthly ministry, Jesus experienced dual frustrations: (1) His frowning critics, who refused to respect Him, which resulted in their looking for reasons to argue . . . and (2) His faithful disciples, who failed to understand Him, which resulted in their repeatedly missing His point. The critical group, being blind, kept testing Him by setting deceptive traps in hopes of exposing Click here to read more and view the outline.

 Answering Life’s Ultimate Question - November 6, 2016 
All of us have taken courses in school that reached their climax with a final exam. We have learned over the years of our education that it is the single most important test in the course. Well-prepared exams help both student and teacher determine if the class really grasps the overall significance of those months of study. It is not uncommon for the final exam to have only a few questions, but they are probing, strategic questions, addressing the core of the course.Click here to read more and view the outline.

 Three Nevers We Must Never Forget - November 13, 2016 
A lot happened that day up in Caesarea Philippi. While Jesus was alone with His disciples, their little world would implode. Their minds were shocked and stretched while their selfish lifestyle was invaded and challenged. They learned their Master would be killed—a revelation so unexpected they could scarcely believe it! Click here to read more and view the outline.

 A Terrifying Glimpse of Glory - November 20, 2016 
Since so much has been said and so much has been written about God and the things of the Lord, it is easy to lose a healthy fear of Him. Too much casual familiarity with the things of God can cause us to lose our awe of Him. It does not help that so much around us is now referred to as “awesome.” As a result, the one and only “awesome One” no longer seems all that “awesome.” Click here to read more and view the outline.

 Micro-Faith and Mountainous Obstacles - January 15, 2017 
Any time we read a story in the Scriptures, it is essential that we keep its overall historical and geographical context in mind. The story we are looking at today is no exception. It occurs on the heels of an astounding event that just transpired on a mountain—the “transfiguration of Jesus.” From the ecstasy of all that, Jesus and three of His disciples return to encounter a scene of human need in raw reality. Click here to read more and view the outline.

 Death and Taxes - January 22, 2017 
As Jesus entered the last six months of His earthly ministry, He spent less and less time with the multitudes and more and more time with His disciples. Knowing His time was growing shorter, He intensified His instructions regarding what they would be facing, as well as what lay in His immediate future. Periodic reminders of His impending suffering, death, and resurrection emerged during those instructions. Here we read of the third time He mentions those events, grievous though all of this was to those who were His closest friends. Click here to read more and view the outline.

 The Blessedness of Childlikeness - January 29, 2017 
Our lives are soaked to the ears in pride. We are forever seeking to discover the greatest, the brightest, the strongest, the fastest, the longest, the richest, the biggest, or the prettiest . . . the best this, the most that. We are shown a group picture, and the first person we look for is ourselves. When a project we were involved with is completed and the names of all the participants are listed, the first name we want to make sure is included is our own. Unfortunately, the older we get, the more we lose one of the most admirable of all life’s qualities: childlikeness. Click here to read more and view the outline.

 Life Lessons We Learn From Children - February 12, 2017 
Most adults are soaked to our ears in pride. We compare ourselves with others, usually to highlight our own virtues and strengths. We criticize others in order to emphasize their weaknesses, underscoring our own importance. We are forever seeking to find the greatest, the smartest, the fastest, the richest, the largest, or the prettiest. We are hung up on the best this and the most that. When shown a group photo from a gathering where we had been present, the first person we look for is ourselves. When a project that we were involved in is completed and the participants are announced, we long to hear our name mentioned. Unfortunately, getting older does not result in our becoming less significant to ourselves. Click here to read more and view the outline.

 Caring Enough to Confront - February 19, 2017 
Strange as it may sound, one of the most obvious proofs of parents’ love for their children is their commitment to discipline them for wrongdoing. It is the uncaring and irresponsible mother or father who fails to confront, who will not deal with wrong in their children’s lives. The same is true of our heavenly Father, who faithfully disciplines those He loves, as is clearly stated in Hebrews 12:5–6, where we read: “My child, don’t make light of the Lord’s discipline, and don’t give up when He corrects you. For the Lord disciplines those He loves . . . .” What is true of our earthly parents and of our heavenly Father is also true of those in the Body of Christ. Click here to read more and view the outline.

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