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Sermon Outlines

What Every Believer Must Never Forget - September 6, 2015
Times were hard—very hard. A corrupt government and a covetous judiciary made life miserable for all living in a nation that was once strong and stable. Abuses, resentment, unrest, unfair and prejudicial
class distinctions, and selfish profiteering were everywhere to be found. Idolatry was rampant, leaving
the land with no spiritual vitality and an absence of moral fiber. Click here to read more and view the outline.

Hilarious Generosity

A Needed Return to Joyful Generosity - September 13, 2015
For too long, we have entertained the idea that serving Christ is a heavy, sad burden. Because that hasbeen promoted far and wide, many believe that Christians should look grim, gloomy, whipped, and weather-beaten. Service is now considered more of a hard task than a unique opportunity. Click here to read more and view the outline.

Contentment, Generosity, and You - September 20, 2015
Life itself isn’t all that complicated; we make it complicated. By focusing on non-essentials instead of essentials, we lose our way and forget our priorities. When we compare ourselves with others, we never measure up; when we take our cues from our culture, “enough” is never enough; when we strive for more, always more, our level of stress reaches unhealthy extremes.  Click here to read more and view the outline.

Timeless Principles of Money Management - September 27, 2015
One of the reasons people love and respect the Bible is that they find it not only resourceful, but always relevant. With reliable accuracy, its counsel never fails to provide the information we need when we lack understanding.   Click here to read more and view the outline.

The Charming Joy of Grace Giving - October 4, 2015
The journey toward grace is the ultimate trip to bountiful. The outcome, no matter what it may be, is always characterized by bountiful abundance. When grace fuels our forgiving someone who has offended us, there is an abundance of releasing every hint of any offense. Click here to read more and view the outline.

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Partner with our church and local organizations to provide clothing for 3,000 community children during October. Learn more.


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Men, join us for a weekend of fellowship, fun and learning in the piney woods of East Texas with guest speaker, Michael Easley, October 16-18. Learn more.