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The first opportunity to help us care for our community is April 12. Visit our website to learn more.


Good Friday Communion Service

Join us on April 18 at 7 p.m. for a special communion service.


Sermon Outlines

Things to Stop and Start

Beginning on Sunday, January 12, 2014 and continuing through Easter Sunday, April 20, Pastor Chuck will be preaching for 12 Sundays. He plans to deliver a new pulpit series of very practical messages on attitudes and actions we have tolerated too long and, therefore, need to change.

He’s calling it, “Things to Stop and Start.” Each of the 12 subjects represents a habit that has dragged us and others down, stealing our joy and making us difficult to be around. We have thought about stopping these habits, but we have done little more than think and wish. This is the year we need to bring them to a halt!

Series Overview

Stop Procrastinating and Start Following Through - January 12, 2014

Stop Complaining and Start Celebrating - January 19, 2014

Stop Blaming and Start Forgiving - January 26, 2014

Stop Worrying and Start Trusting - February 2, 2014

Stop Acting Perfect and Start Being Vulnerable - February 9, 2014

Stop Lying and Start Acknowledging - February 16, 2014

Stop Shaming and Start Honoring - February 23, 2014

Stop Criticizing Earth and Start Contemplating Heaven - March 2, 2014

Stop Drifting Along and Start Digging In - March 30, 2014

Stop Resisting and Start Submitting - April 13, 2014

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