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Volunteers Inspire New Job-loss Ministry

Clockwise from top left: Chris Egeman, Oscar Velemoro, Steven Shaw, Michelle Gardner

After experiencing job loss, Steven Shaw contacted Stonebriar's ProjectServe Director, Teresa Kay, about volunteering at the church. In this same message, Steven expressed interest in helping other people in similar situations, and asked if the church would consider having a job-loss encouragement ministry.

The idea garnered a lot of interest and even more so after the idea was pitched to Care Ministries' pastor Steve Fischer. "My immediate response was 'yes.' What a great way to minister to people today!" Steve said.

Plans quickly unfolded for this job-loss ministry as more people expressed interest in serving and participating. From this group, four volunteers became part of the Reach Up, Reach Out leadership team: Steven Shaw, Michelle Gardner, Oscar Velezmoro, and Chris Edgmon. As part of the leadership team, these four people helped the Stonebriar staff better understand how to  minister to individuals going through job transition or job loss. During this process these volunteers found a new way to minister to others through their own challenging experiences.

"It's been heartwarming to see how this group came together, and how they bonded. Each person has experienced job loss, and has a real heart for other  people who are going through a similar situation," Teresa shared.

Today, Steven, Michelle, Oscar, and Chris continue to play an active role in the weekly Reach Up, Reach Out meeting, held each Friday morning at 7. They have gained a better understanding of what it means to serve together while waiting and trusting in the Lord's comfort and peace.

Are you interested in serving at Stonebriar?  Visit the ProjectServe page.