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Enter your prayer request or praise now.
Current Prayer Request (431 total)
  • Salvation

    Please pray for salvation for my son Sam. He is not well with diabetes. Grew up in the church and has walked away. Please pray for heart of stone to be changed for a heart of flesh that is receptive to the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you and thank you for your ministry.NqVOEe
  • Abundance in income

    I am on straight commission.
    I am asking to increase my vats and move to plenty .
    I am a strong believer and I want to move into the promised land financially.
    I want to retire in 5 years and be able to share my wealth with my children and grand children
    I believe my blessings are coming!!!!
    btw..I really like Frisco❤️
  • Healing

    PLEASE pray for a complete healing of body for James B. He has rectal bleeding, and a deep pain to the bone in the left side of his hip. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU.
  • Deliverance

    Please pray for me and my family to be freed from witchcraft oppression. My father is ailing with diabetes and heart problems. Also we are facing eviction and need to either purchase the home or find a new cheaper one soon.

    Pray for us in Jesus' name Thanks
  • Stress

    Please pray for my husband in his court case against the administrator for the land who has been telling lies and trying to get my husband off his house spot. Please pray against the lies being told and that my husband wins his court case and obtains his title deeds.
  • Prayer to beat cancer

    My husband Paul has been diagnosed with tonsil cancer. Please pray for him as he begins radiation and chemo to fight this disease. We are strong in our faith that God will lead him back to health, we just ask for prayers to sustain us during this journey.
  • Upsetting Plumbing Issues with newly purchased home

    Plumbing in house has 4 breaks in the lines! On a slab foundation. Home bought 1 yr ago-breaks not in disclosure.
    Repair cost $10,045. My husband is self-employed in the Ad Specialty business Yes, he HAS done business with Stonebriar, but that stopped for some reason.
    Pray that we can locate a Christian plumber who would be more reasonable and for more business to pay repair cost.
  • prayer

    please pray for my family, no home, no job, we are in deep trouble, depression, realtionship trouble, financial everything
  • Prayer Request

    First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism hatred and violence.
  • Prayer request for daughter and her surgery

    Our daughter, Elaine, 47, is about to have melanoma removed from the tip of her nose.It requires a large excision, followed by a skin graft taken from her forehead to her nose. The graft will remain connected to her forehead for about a month. We humbly ask for prayers for her highest good during this stressful time and that God's Will be done.

    Thank you very much. God bless you all.
  • Healing for Ruth D (Cancer Patient)

    Please pray for my cousin Ruth D, She is undergoing treatment for cancer. I believe in the power of prayer. I believe in miracles too!! Thank You and May God Bless Us All
  • Healing and Deliverance

    Please pray for the healing, deliverance, and protection for my daughter Lauren.
  • Prayer for Family Member

    Asking for prayer for a 16 year old family member who was in a very bad car accident and is currently in a coma. She has shown signs of progress but MRI shows signs of brain impairement. She transfers to Chicago today to a facility that specializes in comatose care and bringing people out of comas. Please pray for her and the medical staff. Her name is Amber. Thank you!
  • Prayer Request

    Please pray for my family. They are in a backslidden state. Please pray that the Lord would convict their hearts and they would repent and turn back to the Lord. Please pray for salvation for my entire family,James Angela,Russell,Sydney,Ceaira,D revonte,Skylar,Tracey,Doug,Edn a,Michael Jr,Nina,Tiana,Keva,Lamon,Kache ria,Chereese,Courtney,Brandy,J ackie,Brandon,Matthew,Dominic, Lepzig
  • Please and Prosperity

    Please pray for my family members to be prosperous.
  • My son-in-law, Joe

    Joe is currently hospitalized with viral encephalitis and bacteremia. Joe was suffering from Shingles when their family arrived in Dallas. Complications appeared. He was hospitalized on Jan. 8th. and as of yesterday, Jan. 19th he is expected to be hospitalized for at least 2 more weeks. Please pray for Joe’s life and complete earthly recovery.
  • Healing for Des and Suzanne

    Des shot in head year ago is a survivor and still recovering . Pray for emotional and physical recovery and good occupational therapy so she can work with at risk kids. Her mother her caretaker has many physical problems. Please pray for healing for her so she can soon return to work.Pray for God's peace and love to cover them as trial of stalker is very soon.
  • in need of prayer

    please pray for our house situation, me and my wife live in my late moms house that she left to all of use, me and wife don't have the money to buy this house from them, they all have there own place, pray that God would supper naturally, Give us this house, when God gets involved Miraculous things happened, not even the human mind cannot comprehend, also pray for Employment
  • Jacob who has cancer

    I belong to a Facebook group called Christian Texans on Facebook. I have been following a story about a young man who has cancer for quite awhile now and right now he is in the ER battling sepsis. Please pray for him, things were starting to turn around for him and now this.
  • prayer request

    my cousin,Ann, has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • David and Brittany marriage

    David and Brittany marriage may be restored.
  • Prayer Request

    My brother Donovan age 44 is in the hospital with complications from the brain bleed; he was airlifted there 1 week ago today. They found a new problem vasospasm now which can lead to restriction of the blood vessel and possible brain tissue loss. He is in severe pain that moraphine does not completely stop. He has two young children. Please pray for his healing & thank you for your prayers.
  • Financial Burden

    Please Pray for Financial Stability for our family. We're struggling keeping our home together after cancer treatments involving our family members. Thanks you...

    Russ Hardin
  • Prayer

    Please pray for my dear friend her husband has a severe and aggressive cancer our family can't imagine the pain he is in please spread the word to anyone
  • Prayers for my husband

    Prayer for God to give Paul relief from feeling sick all the time and for God to heal Paul's multiple sclerosis, occipital neuralgia, and bulging disc in his neck. Paul rarely has a few hours where he feels pretty good.
  • Sadness and healing

    I am very sad and troubled. I struggle with depression all the time. I am asking for prayers and support.
  • help

    Hello and God bless please pray for me  please pray that God would provide me with a good part time job to supplement my current one or that I find one really good career that fits my talents and that I do walk through that door let it be something were I work with good people and make at least what I make now or close in Jesus name concerning the sales job
  • need daily prayers

    My name is Taylor and I need for people to pray daily for emotional healing from my bullying in elementary school and my trust issues with people.
  • healing

    Please pray for Barry, he fell down, hit his head and is having seizures. He is on his way to the ER. Thank you so much
  • My daughter

    My daughter 16 senior in high school. She experience bad thing in school and a difficult issue with a prospective college.She said she has been praying many times to god for these few years but her prayers has not been answered.I pray that she will be surrounded by kind people,good things happen to her and difficult issues can be resolved. Also her prayers answer.
  • Prayer Request

    My wife has left me and I am having a difficult time with it. I need lots of prayer - please.
  • Need emotional healing for my family

    Hi. It's been a tough year for my husband and I and my two kids. We are needing some emotional healing to keep our family together.

  • Spiritual Salvation

    Hello !

    Pray for the spiritual salvation of Claire R.
    Amen !
  • Prayer

    Pray GOD Blesses 12 year old Derek S in JESUS Name. Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.
  • Prayers Requested

    Pray Walter J healed- brain &memory problems, alcohol, job, salvation, sight issues. Joseph B. - money issues, forgiveness to Walter & Angela. Scott B - finances, honesty, with Lord, sleep, knees, heel& ankle, Emily B - weight & sleep Margaret L - fertility, health, marriage,safety, for her to forgive, for good relationship with family.
  • Prayers requested for brother-in-law Danny W

    Please pray for our brother-in-law, Danny W. He was diagnosed today, 10/17/2017, with prostate cancer. He and my sister Elizabeth are trusting the Lord through this, but very much need everyone's prayers. Thank you!
  • Children

    Please pray that my children will be away from harm and bad influence. They will have wisdom and will be granted scholarships.
  • Please Pray for Me to Find a New Job

    Please pray that I find a new job. Thank you.
  • salvation

    I was watching Dr. Oz and there was a man teaching people to pray to 12 suns and a black sun whenever they felt stressed. Pray that any Christians or people with a Christian background will realize that this was idol worship and demonic and not get involved in these prayer rituals. I pray that these people's eyes will be opened and they will be drawn closer to God.
  • Job

    I'm Christian I have been unemployed for 2 years now
    I would like someone to pray for me asking God to open a door for
    full time employment and decent wage..

  • Prayers

    Healing. Please pray for healing.. I have abdominal pains, they are a side effect somehow connected to medicine I was using. Long term omeprazol use has serious side effects... please pray for healing, for this pain to go away.

    my husband Imran has filled for divorce. Please pray that God change his heart and heal my marriage. May God restore my marriage so i can go back to my home with my husband ameen. I am also expecting my first child in 2months please pray for me that i have normal delivery and normal baby ameen. Please pray that God change imran heart ameen
  • prayer for my business

    Please pray for my Business for God to bring more clients so that we can pay our current debt off and also be able to pay our employees for the holidays. We need Gods Blessings on our business

    Also please pray for my boyfriend and his daughter that God would richly bless them as they navigate life. I pray that i may be a blessing to them.
  • Prayer Request

    Please pray that the Lord would convict their hearts and they would repent and turn back to the Lord. I pray for salvation for my entire family. Pray all generational curses would be removed for ,James Angela,Russell,Sydney,Ceaira,Drevonte,Skylar,Tracey,Doug,Edn a,Michael,Nina,Tiana,Keva,Lamon,Kacheria,Chereese,Courtney,Brandy,J ackie,Brandon,Matthew,Dominic, Lepzig and their children.Jesus Name.
  • heal my marriage

    my husband Imran has filled for divorce. Please pray that God change his heart and heal my marriage. May God restore my marriage so i can go back to my home with my husband ameen. I am also expecting my first child in 2months please pray for me that i have normal delivery and normal baby ameen.
  • urgent prayers for recomcilation

    My heart is breaking. I ask for your urgent prayers for a breakthrough in my relationship with Tony. May God touch his heart. May we please reconcile very soon. Please, may He reunite us in great love for each other.
  • Need Gods favor and helps with employment, helps pay utuities

    helps, Father-God that our gas and electric services , don't get cut off, were behind Helps us the Granados family
  • Healing

    PLEASE pray for a complete healing of body for James B. He has rectal bleeding, fatigue, and pain in his back and legs. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU.
  • Please pray

    O God, please help us and teach us to build a wall [of prayer] around the USA, Canada and Poland. Are you ready to stand in the gap, where God is the Helper and Teacher?

    Please pray that Poland, the USA/Canada would overcome for: (The Acts 26.18).
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