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Emergency Action Plan

We are concerned with both your safety and the safety of your children. In the event of an emergency, we have created a plan in order to ensure the safety, security, and care of everyone involved. If an emergency occurs, please follow the procedures outlined below or any further instructions given by staff.

Our staff in Children’s Ministries is trained to handle emergencies. Therefore, we ask that you do not attempt to retrieve your children from the Children’s Building. Children will be evacuated from the building at the same time as adults, and you will be able to meet up with your children at designated areas.

Click here to download the Emergency Action Plan handout .pdf

Severe Weather

In the case of imminent danger, please proceed to the shelter areas designated below. If you are not in building C, please do not go to building C. The calmness and patience of parents will help our trained staff keep children calm. The designated safe locations for each building are as follows:

Building A: Worship Center

Building B: Multi-Purpose Room

Building C: Rooms C102/C106

Portables: Multi-Purpose Room


In the event that the fire alarm sounds, evacuate the building and proceed beyond the fire lanes to make room for arriving emergency personnel.

Worship Center/Atrium (Building A): Evacuate using the nearest marked fire exit.

Education (Building B): Evacuate using the nearest marked fire exit. Elementary children will be evacuated to the south near the Willow Pond neighborhood.

Children’s Building (Building C): Our staff will evacuate all children in building C to the athletic fields.

Portables: Evacuate to the south.


Hostile Intruder

In the event of a hostile intruder, evacuate the building as quickly as possible. If unable to evacuate safely, try to hide. For more information on how to handle a hostile intruder situation, watch this instructional video from the City of Houston Mayor's Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security office here. (©2012) Find more information and resources regarding active shooter preparedness on the Homeland Security office website

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