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Marriage Foundations

We are excited that you and your significant other are considering engagement and/or marriage, and we would like to assist you as you begin the premarital process.

Marriage Foundations is a premarital class for both engaged and dating couples who are considering marriage. The program is an interactive look at God's design and purpose for marriage, and each class is devoted to a specific topic (such as communication and conflict, finances, in-laws, and sexual intimacy).

You will have the opportunity to meet with a staff-approved married mentor couple. The meetings will be structured around the PREPARE-ENRICH Inventory by Life Innovations, Inc. The inventory will reveal strengths and growth areas that you and your mentor couple will discuss. It is designed to help provide an objective focus on critical relationship issues.

This survey will be e-mailed to both of you.

2017 Class Dates

November 3 and 4

2018 Class Dates

February 23 and 24

June 15 and 16

November 9 and 10 

Steps to Joining the Premarital Class

  1. Consider attending the next class.

    Prayerfully make plans to attend the next session which will meet on November 3 and 4.

    It is important to attend both sessions.

  2. Register and Pay

    Click here to register online. Pay the fee ($75 per couple) when you register online. This covers the cost of materials, which you will receive at the classes.

  3. Attend the classes.

    The class meets on Friday from 6 to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Room information and additional details will be provided after your registration is received.

Questions About the Class?

If you have questions about Marriage Foundations, e-mail marriagefoundationsstonebriar.org.

Coach Couple Training

Each year 40–50 couples attend Stonebriar's premarital class, Marriage Foundations. Would you consider, as a married couple, being a point of connection and grace for these couples considering marriage? 

Coach Couple Training is held once every year or two years, depending on the number of couples needed. Announcements will be made under ProjectServe and this web page whenever another training will be taking place. 

The training will teach the purpose, process, and requirements. Serving as a Coach Couple is more relational than informational: authenticity, not perfection, is desired. As a Coach Couple, you simply provide a safe and welcoming environment for your assigned couple to consider marriage. 

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Disaster Relief

Recent hurricanes have taken a devastating toll in our world. Please join us in showing the love of Christ to those who have lost so much in these catastrophes. Visit the web page to pray, give, and serve.