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What We Do and Why

The GIFT Ministry strives to meet the spiritual, physical, and social needs of children, teens, and adults with disabilities. We believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity to worship, learn, and serve in our church, regardless of his or her abilities.

Our Goals

    Our programs, classrooms, and curriculum are all carefully planned to meet the following objectives:

    1. Nurture students desire for a Savior and develop their faith.
    2. Teach students that they are created in the image of God.
    3. Help students recognized that they were designed with a purpose.
    4. Guide students along the winding road to independence.
    5. Prepare students for a fulfilling future.

      A few thoughts from our families with special needs children . . .

      “Life is not defined by what my child cannot do but rather by the amazing things he is doing.” -Alica

      “We are all born the same to God on the inside.” –Dylan

      “There are several things our daughter will never do- we’re thankful that one of those is hate.” -Angela

      “My brother is the most amazing artist.” -Jillian

      “The Lord has honored us by entrusting these precious children to us.” - Althea

      “When you go through difficult times, God doesn’t leave you; He just gets a whole lot bigger.” -Kara

      “Instead of pitying our children, look to them as teachers.” -Julie

      “God uses our children to show the world the true meaning of love, compassion, patience, gratitude, innocence, and faithfulness.” -Susan

      News to Us
      Clothe a Child

      There are children in our backyard who cannot afford a new pair of sneakers or a jacket for the fall and winter seasons. Clothe a Child exists to provide clothing for children in need in our community. Area school districts...


      Disaster Relief

      Recent hurricanes have taken a devastating toll in our world. Please join us in showing the love of Christ to those who have lost so much in these catastrophes. Visit the web page to pray, give, and serve.