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Prayer Requests

“…pray for one another…” (James 5:16)


Ways to Request Prayer

When you need help, call on God through prayer. We offer several ways for you to have others involved in lifting your prayer requests and praises to the Lord.

Little girl praying

1. Visit our Prayer Rooms on Sunday Morning

We would love to pray with you in person. After the 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. Sunday services, you can find warm and caring SoulCare volunteers in Prayer Rooms A102 and A106 available to pray with and encourage you. If you need any assistance locating a prayer room, a volunteer at our Information Center can direct you. 

The prayer rooms are also available to you during the church's weekly office hours on Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

2. Add Your Request to the Weekly Prayer List

Prayer Team members receive the church's prayer list via e-mail each week and will pray for your request. You can add your request to this list in one of two ways: 

  • Contact Care Ministries directly at 469-252-5364 with your request and contact information.
  • You may also use the detachable form in the Sunday morning worship folder. Simply write down your request and place the form in the offering plate when it passes by. Or you may drop it off at the Prayer Room after the service.

3. Post Your Requests to the Online Prayer Exchange

The Prayer Exchange allows anyone to post a prayer request or praise report. It also allows you to respond to someone else's request by posting your prayers for that person. Stonebriar reviews requests during normal business hours before posting them to the site.

Enter your prayer request or praise now.
Current Prayer Request (28 total)
  • My son-in-law, Joe

    Joe is currently hospitalized with viral encephalitis and bacteremia. Joe was suffering from Shingles when their family arrived in Dallas. Complications appeared. He was hospitalized on Jan. 8th. and as of yesterday, Jan. 19th he is expected to be hospitalized for at least 2 more weeks. Please pray for Joe’s life and complete earthly recovery.
  • Healing for Des and Suzanne

    Des shot in head year ago is a survivor and still recovering . Pray for emotional and physical recovery and good occupational therapy so she can work with at risk kids. Her mother her caretaker has many physical problems. Please pray for healing for her so she can soon return to work.Pray for God's peace and love to cover them as trial of stalker is very soon.
  • in need of prayer

    please pray for our house situation, me and my wife live in my late moms house that she left to all of use, me and wife don't have the money to buy this house from them, they all have there own place, pray that God would supper naturally, Give us this house, when God gets involved Miraculous things happened, not even the human mind cannot comprehend, also pray for Employment
  • Jacob who has cancer

    I belong to a Facebook group called Christian Texans on Facebook. I have been following a story about a young man who has cancer for quite awhile now and right now he is in the ER battling sepsis. Please pray for him, things were starting to turn around for him and now this. Thanks
  • prayer request

    my cousin,Ann, has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • David and Brittany marriage

    David and Brittany marriage may be restored.
  • Prayer Request

    My brother Donovan age 44 is in the hospital with complications from the brain bleed; he was airlifted there 1 week ago today. They found a new problem vasospasm now which can lead to restriction of the blood vessel and possible brain tissue loss. He is in severe pain that moraphine does not completely stop. He has two young children. Please pray for his healing & thank you for your prayers.
  • Financial Burden

    Please Pray for Financial Stability for our family. We're struggling keeping our home together after cancer treatments involving our family members. Thanks you... Russ Hardin
  • Prayer

    Please pray for my dear friend her husband has a severe and aggressive cancer our family can't imagine the pain he is in please spread the word to anyone
  • Prayers for my husband

    Prayer for God to give Paul relief from feeling sick all the time and for God to heal Paul's multiple sclerosis, occipital neuralgia, and bulging disc in his neck. Paul rarely has a few hours where he feels pretty good.
  • Sadness and healing

    I am very sad and troubled. I struggle with depression all the time. I am asking for prayers and support.
  • help

    Hello and God bless please pray for me  please pray that God would provide me with a good part time job to supplement my current one or that I find one really good career that fits my talents and that I do walk through that door let it be something were I work with good people and make at least what I make now or close in Jesus name concerning the sales job
  • need daily prayers

    My name is Taylor and I need for people to pray daily for emotional healing from my bullying in elementary school and my trust issues with people.
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