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Prayer Requests

“…pray for one another…” (James 5:16)


Ways to Request Prayer

When you need help, call on God through prayer. We offer several ways for you to have others involved in lifting your prayer requests and praises to the Lord.

Little girl praying

1. Visit our Prayer Rooms on Sunday Morning

We would love to pray with you in person. After the 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. Sunday services, you can find warm and caring SoulCare volunteers in Prayer Rooms A102 and A106 available to pray with and encourage you. If you need any assistance locating a prayer room, a volunteer at our Information Center can direct you. 

The prayer rooms are also available to you during the church's weekly office hours on Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

2. Add Your Request to the Weekly Prayer List

Prayer Team members receive the church's prayer list via e-mail each week and will pray for your request. You can add your request to this list in one of two ways: 

  • Contact Care Ministries directly at 469-252-5218 with your request and contact information.
  • You may also use the detachable form in the Sunday morning worship folder. Simply write down your request and place the form in the offering plate when it passes by. Or you may drop it off at the Prayer Room after the service.

3. Post Your Requests to the Online Prayer Exchange

The Prayer Exchange allows anyone to post a prayer request or praise report. It also allows you to respond to someone else's request by posting your prayers for that person. Stonebriar reviews requests during normal business hours before posting them to the site.

Enter your prayer request or praise now.
Current Prayer Request (21 total)
  • hugo cry out

    If you could pray that hugo would cry out to JESUS for HIS SALVATION and that he would be kind, generous and loving to his wife. God is good! Thank you for praying!
  • Finacial problem

    We are suffering in finance problem for all our expenses,Please pray for us for financial break through! God bless U all!
  • salvation

    Please pray for that God can help me to use something cut into my body in order to pray for not lost my salvation and my job whether to work in the Leisure and Culture Services Department or the Administration Wing, so that I can continue to preach the gospel (Jesus crucified) in my working place, sorry and thank you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, A-Men.
  • Need healing

    Please pray for Ted Pearson to be healed of pneumonia, heart disease and all disease. Pray he get good news from both his cardiologist and his infectious disease doctor. Pray that he be protected from complications or infections. Pray that he get good news from his blood test, heart monitor test and good news from all doctors exams and tests.
  • /

    God please do what You want in our lives.
  • Need Of Strong Prayer to Help my Family

    I broke my arm in Sept 2016 and then two more times on same arm now I just got my cast off. I have been searching for a part time job to help support my family. I have been in the medical field for the past 15 years. I have had bad luck it seems. like a cloud over me that will not go away it has caused me anxiety and stress.
  • Health/Healing

    Please pray that there is no damage to my body following years of smoking. BTW, I have quit that filthy habit now and ask in Jesus' name for a complete cleansing of my body & mind. Also, I ask for complete healing in my right foot. Thank you!
  • Miraculous Healing

    Please pray for miraculous healing to abound to my dad. Please pray that he is resurrected mind, body, and spirit. Please pray that there is no permanent or irreversible damage to his body and that God delivers my dad to wholeness and health. Please pray for hope, peace, joy, and love to be manifest in all ways. Let all glory, honor, and praise be to our God.
  • Help

    First I want to say thank you for your prayers. God is healing me and helping me but there is a long way to go. I have financial problems and debt, spirit voices speaking to me telling me to do things and telling me it's the revelation and I am not sure what to do. So can you please continue to pray for me? Thank you so much. Jonathan xxxxxxx
  • Employment/Finances

    Pray warriors please pray for me to continue to be employed so that I can clear my debts and continue to pay me bills.
  • Desperate

    I need a financial miracle today. I've been a believer for over 45 years and have served the Lord in ministry fo over 40 years. Please pray for favor and a breakthrough today!
  • Broken

    Friend's 16 yo daughter was diagnosed with POTS a year ago. Struggling to find pain relief. She has been in and out of sleep studies, recently hospitalized for pain. She has missed much school, parents have missed much work. Husband suffers from depressed and youngest has sensory issues. Mother is trying to keep it together, but it is becoming hard. Prayers for healing, peace, understanding.
  • Ear may need surgery

    My friend Susan is seeing a specialist next week. Please pray that her ear has no cancer in it or on it. May she feel God s comfort and healing power. Thank you.
  • Father and Daughter

    My brother has legal rights to his daughter, but his ex-wife has done everything she can to sever the relationship. This has been a very trying to for him. He goes to go to court tomorrow to defend himself. Please pray for Gods peace to be upon him, that the judge will see the truth, rule in his favor and that his custody rights will be enforced.
  • Friend's Salvation

    Please pray for my co-worker Mike to be drawn to God and receive Christ as his Savior soon. And that his wife and two kids would do the same!
News to Us
Soul of Shame Conference

Whether we realize it or not, shame affects every aspect of our personal lives and vocational endeavors. It seeks to destroy our identity in Christ, replacing it with a damaged version of ourselves that results in unhealed pain...


The Gospel: Choir & Orchestra

Our Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra will present a meaningful concert of worship March 26 at 9 and 10:45 a.m. Also, join us for an open rehearsal on Saturday, March 25. Visit the web page to learn more.