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Want To Be A Stronger Christian?

You are about to begin a process that can improve your life!

What you have here is a powerful, life-changing tool. It is a tool designed to help you evaluate yourself in Eight Qualities of a Christ-Centered Person. These Eight Qualities describe a Christian’s inner life (what we should be), and is not a checklist of behavior-driven standards (what we do), which often lead to guilt, frustration, and ultimately failure. This grace-based profile reflects Christ-likeness and a Christ-centered life.

This tool is for all believers—those new to the faith and those who have walked with Christ for decades. It is designed for you to reflect on your relationship with Christ and others, rather than simply creating a "to-do" list. After honestly answering the questions, you are provided with suggested experiences that will strengthen you in each area. We hope that through this tool, God will show you what areas of your life He desires to transform (1 Thessalonians 5:23–24).

Although you will complete this privately, for maximum benefit we suggest you share your findings with a close friend or family member who will pray with you and encourage you in your growth. Purposefully involving a trusted Christian is a key factor in making your efforts most fruitful. You may decide to simply share the results and ask for prayer, or you may invite that person to help you craft a plan and walk with you through it over the coming months.

before you begin

If you have never made a decision to follow Christ, we encourage you to take that step first. To learn more please click here.

Growth in these qualities do not earn a relationship with Him, but rather flow from a relationship with Him. They are the observable changes in life that are a result of first trusting in Christ. Once you have made the decision to trust Christ, you will want to tell others about your journey.

If you do make a decision to follow Christ, we would love to hear about it and become a resource for you. Or if you have questions about becoming a Christian, please give us a call at 469-252-5200, or contact us online at www.stonebriar.org.

how to use this evaluation

This evaluation is divided into eight sections, one for each quality of a Christ-Centered Person. Each section includes questions to help you score the strength of that quality in your life. When answering the questions, do not spend too much time on any one question. Typically, your first response is the most accurate. Be brutally honest: don’t circle what you aspire to be but what you actually are.

At the end of the survey, a scoring tool will help you see which qualities are stronger in your life and which ones need strengthening. You will also find suggested action steps and spiritual experiences for each quality, which will help you strengthen these eight qualities and your walk with Christ. Involving a trusted Christian at this point to help you follow through will provide the most benefit for you.

God Bless You! May this resource encourage you to pursue a lifelong, joyous relationship with Jesus Christ!

Download the evaluation tool.

Have you already completed the survey? Click "here" to go directly to suggested activities.

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