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Equipping Classes

The apostle Paul reminds the Christians in Ephesus that God has raised up leaders in the church "to equip the saints for the work of ministry" (Eph. 4:12). This is what Equipping Classes are all about. These classes are different from Sunday Fellowships, which are ongoing in nature and are intended to nurture relationships. Equipping Classes are short, 6- to 12-week courses designed with a particular topic in mind.

The goal of each class is to equip the people of Stonebriar to live out their faith meaningfully and effectively in the world in which they live. Ideally, a participant would attend an Equipping Class for a short season, then reengage in his or her community better prepared.  Each class will challenge the mind and transform the heart. Our goal is not to create smarter sinners, but to equip people to engage in their world with truth and grace.

For more information, e-mail equippingstonebriar.org.

Equipping Disciples

Christ calls us to make disciples. Are you answering the call?  The Christian walk is exciting when you obey the call to grow, share your faith and help others to do the same. Equipping Disciples is a 12-week class designed to help you grow as a disciple and train other disciples. Click here to learn more.

Home Fellowship Leadership Training

Interested in leading a Home Fellowship? Click here read more and register for the next training class.

Simple Apologetics

As witnesses for Jesus Christ, we are often asked questions about our Christian faith that we have a tough time answering. Questions like "Why would you believe something that hasn't been proven by science?" or "Doesn't the existence of evil disprove God?" are challenging. In Simple Apologetics, we will learn how to navigate these conversations with grace and truth. Click here to learn more.

Have More Questions?

If you have questions about these resources, call us at the church at 469-252-5380, or contact us online.

Equipping Classes
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Join us this Sunday for worship and a message from Summer Pulpit Guests. Share the events to invite family and friends.


Frisco Connect

Join us for mentoring and support in critical areas of job search such as interview skills, resume writing, and using social media. Register online or text “career” to 469-275-9049.