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Baptism Services

Stonebriar holds special baptism services several times a year. If you or a family member are interested in being baptized, learn more about our baptism classes below. 

2016 Baptism Service Dates

  • Sunday, February 21
  • Wednesday, May 4 
  • Wednesday, July 13 
  • Sunday, September 18
  • Friday, November 18 Missional Living will be thanking and celebrating those who have served alongside the ministry throughout the year.  During this get together there will be a small, informal baptism service.  If you would like to be baptized at this time please complete the form below and also reserve your seat on the Missional Living webpage.

2017 Baptism Service Dates

  • Sunday, February 19
  • Wednesday, July 12
  • Sunday, September 17

Baptism Service Times and Location

Sundays at 1:15 p.m. | Weekdays at 6:30 p.m. | All services are located in the Multi-Purpose Room.

Baptism Classes

We offer classes for believers in four different age groups: adults, youth (junior high and high school students), preteens, and children. These classes help participants understand the meaning of baptism and make wise decisions about taking part in this important event.

Adult Baptism Class

Led by a staff pastor, this one-session class is for adults who believe in Jesus as their only way to God and Heaven. This class meets at 12:30 p.m. on Sundays prior to our baptism services. 

2016 Adult Baptism Class Dates

  • February 7
  • April 17
  • August 28
  • November 13

2017 Adult Baptism Class Dates

  • February 5
  • June 25
  • August 27

Registration is required. The class registration form is available below in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat document formats. Choose an option: 
(1) save a copy, complete, and e-mail the form to juliemstonebriar.org
(2) print the class registration form to complete and deliver it to any Information Center at Stonebriar Community Church

Youth Baptism Class

This one-session class is a luncheon for students who believe in Jesus as their only way to God and Heaven. More information about this opportunity will be available soon. Click here to visit the youth ministry area of our website. 

Preteen Baptism Class

This two-session class helps fifth- and sixth-graders prepare for baptism. Click here for more information.

Elementary Baptism Class 

This three-session class helps third- through fourth-graders prepare for baptism. Click here for more information.

New Believer Class

This three-session class helps kindergartners through second-graders prepare for baptism. Click here for more information.

Have Questions About Baptism?

If we have not answered all your questions here, call us at 469-252-5200, or contact us online.

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