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Volunteer Stories

Read the following testimonials from people serving here at Stonebriar. We hope you will find them heartwarming and inspirational.

Dawn B. (Elementary Ministry)

Serving to me means I get to spread the love. I get to feed and nurture these little ones who are so eager and thirsty for the Lord.  It is a beautiful thing.

I serve because God asked me to do it. Very reluctantly, I obeyed! It has become one of the most satisfying things I have ever been a part of. I LOVE MY KIDS!!! 

My favorite thing about serving would have to be the joy it gives me. I feel full of the Holy Spirit and love while I'm teaching. It's a little piece of heaven on earth!             

Jim and Connie S. (Early Childhood Ministry)

I believe we are all responsible to serve in some capacity, enabling the church to accomplish what it means to be a church and helping in any way to achieve that purpose. As believers, we cannot function apart from other believers in encouraging and doing what a church is supposed to do, having the same care and concern for one another.

I serve because both the Children’s Pastor, Dave Carl, and Pastor Swindoll have said on more than one occasion volunteers are needed so we don’t have to turn away young families and their children because we don’t have teachers for them.

I enjoy welcoming the kids into our classroom and meeting the parent or parents (if both bring the child in). I appreciate those who take the time and effort to bring their youngsters to Sunday School. I like hearing some of the kids call me Mr. Jim. But, most of all, I really enjoy how they take the lesson presented seriously and willingly get involved in the craft that ties in with the lesson.  ~ Jim S.

In serving in the preschool department, I am able to help tend the lambs of our Good Shepherd.

I serve because it is a way of being involved in ministry in our church. It is a joy to be with our students who are turning 5 years old. Our own grandchildren are 17, 19, and 21, so being with our class each week gives us a chance to be with young children again and share the Bible stories with a new generation.

I like to help the children learn to love the Lord Jesus and to hide His Word in their hearts.  ~Connie S.

Choo N. (Hospice, Community Care, Children's Ministries)

God has done so much for me.  I want to give back to Him by serving Him. I always get more out of serving others than I feel I ever give to them. It blesses me greatly.

Lynda S. (Greeter)

It is such an honor to be a greeter. I believe God gave me the gift of meeting people easily, which is important in being a greeter at Stonebriar. It has given me the privilege to meet so many people and, even though I may not know their names, I do know their precious faces, and I am so happy to see them each Sunday. It is also a joy when someone introduces themselves as new to the area or tells me they have traveled long distances to visit Stonebriar and hear Chuck's message. I can tell them how glad I am that they came and truly hope they will be blessed for coming.  

John K. (Information Desk)

I serve because Jesus Christ was an humble servant, as are all of the Christian men I have admired all these years—Chuck Swindoll, Stan Toussaint, Howard Hendricks, and many more. The Bible is full of commands and exhortations to serve others. As a Christian, I am obligated to follow their lead.

Serving gives me an opportunity to use my spiritual gifts of help, teaching, and administration. God did not give them to me to hide in a drawer.

I like serving because I feel that I am contributing to the church and the mission of the church. I like seeing smiles on people's faces when I can answer their questions or guide them to the right room. I get special satisfaction and blessings when someone comes to our church facing a wide variety of challenges and suffering, and I am able to connect them with the right Stonebriar ministry.              

Kit W. (Parking Team)

I serve because the Savior of the world came "not to be served but to serve." Serving Him is simply an outward demonstration of my inward love for Him. Also, being a member of the Parking Team gives me the opportunity to be the first and last person people see when they come to church. We attend a large church, and my prayer is the first and last thing everyone sees is the smiling face of someone from the Parking Team.

I spent so many years actively living against God. Serving Him helps me reach others who are in that spot now.

I feel closest to God when I'm standing in the freezing and driving rain  . . . smiling! 

Jeff M. (Community Care)

I have volunteered for several ProjectServe needs ranging from retrieving Christmas decorations from storage to parking my truck in front of the sanctuary before services as a collection vehicle for folks dropping off charitable items. However, my primary area of serving is in the Special Needs Ministry where I volunteer each Sunday.

I always wanted to volunteer but hesitated to do so for years. I always found excuses not to. I have two young children and a home that doesn't maintain itself. I hardly had the time to do the things I wanted to do, much less the things I really didn't want to do. In short, I have my own problems.

It isn't important how I came to eventually volunteer for ProjectServe. What is important is that nothing heals like giving. Nothing is as fulfilling as selflessly doing God's work with a smile. I thought of serving as a sacrifice, but the truth is it is a gift from God that refreshes and replenishes the soul. And to think, I hesitated and made excuses! I wonder who, other than me, would hesitate and make excuses if they were offered a gift from God.

ProjectServe: Stonebriar's Volunteer Ministry
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