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Kathie & Steve Arnold—U.S.

We learned that there were over 124 orphanages in St. Petersburg and over 600,000 orphans in Russia. Most of these children are “abandoned to the state” as 95 percent have a living parent and, therefore, are unadoptable. Estimates are as high as 200,000 street children living in St. Petersburg alone. Nearly all of these children end up in illegal activities such as drugs and prostitution. Similar conditions exist in nearly every orphanage in any country. We asked ourselves how can we make a difference?Read more...

Staszek & Asia Bialecki—Poland

As is so typical in Poland, both of us grew up in religious families, but we did not know Christ personally until our college years when God found us in our own country through the cross-cultural ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. Taken hold of by Christ (Phil 3:12) we devoted our lives to the same ministry of evangelism and discipleship among college students of Poland, first separately, and then since 1993, as a couple. Read more...

Brandon & Cheri Boyd—Thailand

The heart of our Member Care Ministry is to help missionaries by showing them the love of Christ and strengthening them to build the church in Asia, bringing hope to those without Christ. Read more...

Monnie & Joan Brewer—U.S.

Monnie was formerly the International Director for the Centers of Church Based Training in Richardson, TX for 5 years. He now serves with East-West Ministries at The Hope Center in Plano, TX, where he is China Training Director. He and his wife, Joan, have four grown children, 6 grandchildren, live in McKinney, TX, and are a mentor couple for the Titus 2 adult fellowship class at Stonebriar Church. Read more...

John & Linda Crone

We are on the staff of Campus Crusade, and we have worked with Josh McDowell Ministry (JMM) for the past 20 or so years focusing on translating and publishing his books around the world. To date we’ve seen the Lord give us opportunity to publish more than 29 million books overseas.

In July 1998, after 28 years in California, we moved our home and office from San Bernardino, California to Dallas, Texas to take a more active role in the JMM office operation in Dallas. Read more...

Alisa Hale—Russia

My ministry is evangelism and pastoral counseling through English instruction to the new generation of Russia. Working in the inner city of Moscow with young business people, I help them cope with the stress of working in a burgeoning economy. They come from parents steeped in the influences, fears and rule of communism. Read more...

Shane & April Hudson-Spain

God has called April, Asher, Benjamin and I to serve in a ministry of evangelism and discipleship in Spain in order to build up the local church. Our ministry will begin in Madrid, and we are excited about introducing Spaniards to the Savior in creative ways.  Read more.

Liz Loeffler—U.S.

In 1989, Liz accepted the call for full-time mission work with Biblical Education by Extension Int’l (now known as Entrust4) on loan to them from her sending mission. Arriving just nine days before the Berlin Wall fell, Liz had a front row seat to the collapse of communism and the opening up of a new era in Eastern Europe and throughout the former U.S.S.R.


Soraya Marin

At IBSTE, The Bible Institute and Seminary in Barcelona, Spain, I will be developing student and women’s ministries, helping the faculty to raise the Christian leaders the community so desperately needs. Read more...

Ben & Anda Mogos—Romania

Not many years after the fall of Communism in Romania, during their high school years, both Ben and Anda felt called to full-time ministry. To prepare for that, they attended a four year long Bible college in Bucharest and, towards the end of their studies, they got married. For about five years they helped with the planting of a new church in Bucharest, two of which Ben served as a full-time assistant pastor. They left that church in order to move to the United States and attend Dallas Theological Seminary for four years. Read more...

Vinay Patras

Vinay and his wife, Shalini, graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary, and their passion is twofold—to assist the local church around the world (beginning in India) in its holistic ministry and to encourage believers in Christ to get involved in missions, declaring God’s abundant goodness and being a witness of God's completed work of redemption in Jesus Christ. Read more...

Jason & Mandy Post—Ireland

Life is evangelism. Our desire is to cultivate redemptive relationships that will lead to repeated opportunities to share the message of the Gospel. We use every possible means in an attempt to meet and reach the people around us. Film, fitness centers, sports, music, toddlers’ groups, and meals are some of the ways God has used us to share the Gospel. Read more...

Joycelyn Seybold

Joycelyn has a passion for equipping women leaders.  Early on in her training at Dallas Theological Seminary (2000-2005), Joycelyn was mentored by three women who served in the international training of women leaders with Biblical Education by Extension Int’l (now Entrust) in Russia.  She prayed for and watched as the Lord used this training to effectively multiply women in the local church setting of Russia to learn to equip other women. Read more...

Missional Living
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Seeds of Hope

Join us Wednesday, August 22 from 6 to 9 p.m. for Seeds of Hope—a one-night event where we will pack seeds and prepare simple farming and irrigation kits designed to sprout life-sustaining gardens in developing nations. Find...


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Find friendship and purpose as a member of our church. Our next Membership Class begins Sunday, September 16. Learn more and sign up online.