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Summer Escape

Ladies, come escape with us on July 29 for a time of worship and encouragement! Enjoy two breakout sessions of your choice, hear from our keynote speaker Kerry Scheer, and have breakfast and lunch. Check-in will be in the lobby of building B at 8:30 a.m. 

Online registration has now ended. Walk in registration is available on July 29 at 8:30 a.m. for $20.


If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Renner at melissarstonebriar.org.



                                           Morning Sessions


Fibers, Women and Creativity: A Continuing Theme From Ancient and Biblical Times to the Present by Eva Best

A discussion of needle craft in the scriptures and through the ages. We will cover examples from long ago and today.


Christ in the Passover by Laurna Berg

The Passover was an annual, joyful celebration of God’s deliverance of the nation of Israel from the suffering bondage in Egypt into  freedom in the Promised Land. The Passover symbolism beautifully reveals Christ as the Lamb of God who would provide deliverance at the Cross to those who believe in Him, so they can experience freedom and abundant life. We will explore the symbolism, be refreshed by sampling the foods, and discover Passover’s relevance to followers of Christ today.


How to Help a Foster Parent by Carrie Moore

There are many situations in life when we want to help others, but we are not sure exactly what to do or say. We will have a brief overview of the foster care system and a round table discussion of how you can help your loved ones who have become foster parents. We will discuss what the Bible says about fostering. For those who have ever been interested in fostering and/or fostering to adopt, we will also discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of fostering. 


Elevate Your Relationships: Conflict as a Path to Connection by Kara Shade

Close relationships are a delicate balance of gorgeous scenery and challenging terrain. Conflict is the river that runs through them. When we learn how to swim with the current, we find conflict can actually be a path to deep, meaningful connections. This session will provide research-based tips and tools for navigating the often turbulent waters of relationship conflict, empowering you to skillfully ride the waves. 


Strength Perfected in Weakness by Vanessa van Dyck

Are you tiredly trudging up the mountain of life, burdened under difficulties that seem impossible to overcome? Then you are not alone—it has been God’s plan from the beginning to use people in their weakness and disability to accomplish His great purposes and reach the summit of faith. Join us as we take a look at some famous figures from the Bible who were used mightily by the Lord precisely in their weakness, and learn how God can use you in your weakness to magnify His strength.


Forgiveness by Kathleen Meyer

Dr. Dan Allender writes, “Love cannot last long or live out its eternal purpose in human relationships without a foundation of forgiveness.” You may think, “There’s no one in my life whom I need to forgive, so this doesn’t really apply to me,” Or…”I’ve been hurt so badly by someone that there is no way that I can forgive.” Is either of these statements really true? Come and learn what forgiveness is…and is not. Look at what God’s Word says about forgiveness, and discover the joy and freedom it can bring.

Bible Basics by Sue Kirby

Put on your running shoes as we travel through each book of the Bible, learning about the nation of Israel, God’s people, and His love letter to us. This is a great overview of the entire Bible.


                                          Afternoon Sessions


Christ in the Biblical Feasts by Laurna Berg

The 9 Biblical Feasts were annual celebrations and glorious opportunities to cease from labor and be refreshed by fellowship with God. The Biblical Feasts were celebrated by Christ on earth, were fulfilled by Christ in the past (in His death and resurrection), and will be prophetically fulfilled by Christ in the future (in the Rapture and His Second Coming). The Feasts are significant to believers as reminders that Christ forgives us, will resurrect us, tabernacles with us, and is our source of light and joy, for the Feasts were a shadow of things to come!


Journaling by Luci Swindoll

Having journaled for more than 50 years, Luci will share the value in this practice. Journaling encourages us to write down our goals, keep a permanent record of progress, see what we have solved in the past, and think beyond the obvious, and it ultimately allows our story to inspire others. Whether in a valley or on a mountaintop in life, journaling results in healing and spiritual growth.


Staging Your Home by Patti Dodd and Lyn Johnson

If you are planning on selling your home or just wanting to breathe new life into it, join us as we explore today’s trends versus timeless, classic designs. Learn how to reuse what you have before you spend your money unnecessarily. No matter what your goal is as you improve your home’s value, join us as we share real examples of before and after pictures that show maximum results for minimal investment. 


The Enneagram: Charting the Nine Paths of Personality by Dana Vaden

Lace up your hiking boots and join us on a journey inward to explore the diverse landscape of personality. Using the enneagram as our compass, we will: (1) learn the nine distinct personality types, (2) begin to identify our own type, and (3) celebrate the unique ways we are each made in God's image!


All Creation Loves to Testify by Martha Little

Together we will explore different aspects of creation–the heavens, the mountains, the waters, and the animals of God, to name a few. You can find new joy and be refreshed as we delve into God's Word and find how creation testifies not only of Him but also of His incredible promises to us.


Pilates by Rebecca Swieczkowski

The method is designed to stretch & strengthen muscles without adding bulk.  The exercises require concentration - working the mind as well as the body- focusing on the vital core: the deeper Abdominal muscles and the Back.  We will learn the  Level I mat work incorporating the 6 Principles of Pilates & relating them to 6 Spiritual Principles from the Word.  Bring a mat and hand towel.



News to Us
Serve with Summer Lunches

Help prepare, pack, deliver, and serve these lunches to children this summer in Little Elm and Frisco. This is a great opportunity for families and groups to serve together. Learn more and sign up online.


Summer of Service

Men, this summer we will offer a different experience. Rather than a summer Bible study, we have arranged several service projects in partnership with our Missional Living ministry June 17, July 15 and August 19. Visit the...