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Early Childhood Procedures

What to bring

Please have your child’s personal belongings clearly marked with his/her full name. Diaper bags should contain two to three diapers/pull ups, wipes, a change of clothes in case of an accident, a bottle/sippy cup of their preferred drink. Parents must also administer any medications or creams/ointments.

What to tell us

Tell us anything that will make your child feel more comfortable.

Baby's Schedule forms should be completed at your child’s room to ensure proper measures are taken for feedings and schedules.

Please notify caregivers when potty training. Even if your child is still wearing diapers, we'll be glad to help them along. We’ll place a potty training sticker on his/her back along with the security sticker.

Allergies: During check-in, inform the attendant of your child’s allergies so it may be posted on his/her security sticker. Also, ask your child’s teacher for an allergy alert sticker to place on your child.

Feedings and snacks

Please make sure your child has been fed his/her spoon-fed food before arriving to church. Time and number of hands do not allow us to feed children their meals. We offer animal crackers, Cheerios, and Goldfish to those children who are developmentally ready to chew.

Nursing and Cry Rooms: Private (mothers only) and comfortable nursing rooms are located in the nursery (C114) and near the Worship Center (A115). A family/cry room is also available (A113).

Check-in and check-out process

Upon arrival, present your key tag at one of our Children’s Ministries Regular Attendee Check-in Booths located on the first and second floors of Buildings B and C. If you do not have a key tag, please visit one of the Information Center/Visitor Check-in Booths located on the first floor of any building.

Name Badges: At check-in, you will receive two stickers. On one sticker, write where you can be located during first and second hours and place that sticker on your child’s back. The second sticker is for you to keep and present at check-out time. Babies will receive an additional sticker to place on their diaper bag.

To check-out your child, present your sticker to your child’s teacher. No child will be released without the corresponding sticker. Parents are to stand outside the classroom doors while waiting for their child.


If you are needed during the service, we will contact you by one or all of these following ways:

  1. Page you in the Worship Center with the last four digits of the badge number on your security sticker; the numbers will illuminate in red on displays to the left and right of the stage.
  2. Call you at the cell phone number listed on your child’s name badge (please keep your phone on silent while in the Worship Center).
  3. Find you in the Adult Fellowship group/room number you wrote on your child’s name badge


In an attempt to keep the children healthy, all changing surfaces are disinfected after each diaper change, all toys are washed after each service, and pacifiers and bottles are labeled with owner’s name to prevent “sharing.”

For the welfare of all, parents are heartily encouraged not to bring sick children to church. Click here to review our policies.