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Ministry Partner Information

Stonebriar Awana Ministry Partner Opportunities

Do you have a heart for growing the Stonebriar Awana Ministry to allow more children and youth to learn to love and serve God? That's our heart, too! 

Awana at Stonebriar would not be possible without the nearly 200 committed Ministry Partners who serve each week in a variety of roles.  We have a variety of opportunities for you to use your gifts and abilities as part of the Stonebriar Awana family. A sampling of those opportunities is listed below.

If you have questions about serving in Awana, e-mail us at awanastonebriar.org.

Returning Awana Ministry Partners

You do not know how happy you just made our Awana Clubbers! The relationships you have built and are so willingly continuing are crucial to developing our children's hearts for Christ! Thank you for returning! 

Returning Awana Ministry Leaders: Please click HERE to register for 2018-2019 Awana 



New Awana Ministry Partners

  1. Complete ProjectServe Application and Background Check

    We want Stonebriar Awana to be a safe place for kids. All adult Ministry Partners new to the Children's Ministry at Stonebriar must fill out a ProjectServe Children's Ministry Application and a Background Authorization prior to serving.

    Please click ProjectServe to begin your Children's Ministry volunteer application. 


    If you are under age 18 and interested in serving as a Ministry Partner, please click here to fill out a youth application (if you have never done so).

    If you have previously filled out an application and background check, please proceed to step two.

  2. Register as an Awana Ministry Partner

    If you have already completed your ProjectServe Children's Ministry Application and Background Authorization forms, then you are ready to register as a Stonebriar Awana Ministry Partner.

    Click HERE to complete the 2018—2019 Awana Ministry Partner registration form.



Need Childcare?

Are you serving in Awana this year and need childcare? We provide free childcare for the children of Awana volunteers who are under three years of age on Awana club nights. To take advantage of childcare, reservations are required.

Click HERE to Register for Childcare.



Awana Ministry Partner Opportunities

Small Group Leader

An Awana small group leader shares responsibility with several other adults for a specific group of children, building relationships with them, taking them to their different rotations within Awana, and listening to and explaining their memory verses. An emphasis is placed upon mentoring and discipling the clubbers. Small group leaders are needed for every age group, from three years old through twelfth grade. Training is provided.

Leader-in-Training (Youth)

An Awana LIT (Leader-in-Training) is a youth helper who assists the Small Group Leaders with a specific group of children, building relationships with them and taking them to their different rotations within Awana. LITs are needed for multiple age groups, from two years old through sixth grade. Training is provided.

Verse Listener

These ministry partners listen to children in kindergarten through second grade recite memory verses they have learned from their handbooks. Verse Listeners may be assigned to a single small group for the entire Awana year or might “float” to other small groups as help is needed. Frequency of service can be weekly or bi-weekly.


This ministry partner serves as a part of each club's leadership team. Secretaries are responsible for maintaining accurate record-keeping and inventory, as well as other administrative-type duties for the different Awana clubs. 

Game Positions

Game Director: This ministry partner leads a weekly game time for one of the following Clubs: Cubbies, Sparks (kindergarten–second grade), T&T (third–sixth grade), Trek (seventh–eighth grade), or Journey (ninth–twelfth grade). The Game Director plans activities and games for two identical 30-minute rotations. Training, a book of Awana games, and equipment is provided. The Game Director helps provide discipline, excitement, and enthusiasm for this fun segment of the Awana evening. Training is provided.

Assistant Game Director: This ministry partner assists a Game Director in leading a weekly game time for one of the following Clubs: Cubbies, Sparks (kindergarten–second grade), T&T (third–sixth grade), Trek (seventh–eighth grade), or Journey (ninth-twelfth grade) kids. The games are planned by the Game Director and provided for the volunteer. Assistant Game Directors help provide structure, excitement, and enthusiasm in the running of this fun segment of the Awana evening. This volunteer might run games in the absence of the regular Game Director. Training is provided.  

Large Group Positions

Teacher: This ministry partner creatively presents a Bible story to children in one of the following age groups: preschool, kindergarten–second grade, third–fourth grade, fifth–sixth grade, seventh–eighth grade, or ninth–twelfth grade. Volunteers are needed to teach weekly or occasionally. In most cases, curriculum is provided.  

Worship Leader: This ministry partner leads worship during the large group segment of the Awana evening.