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About Children's Ministries

We are Ministry Partner-driven

Following the model in Ephesians 4:11, the Children’s Ministries staff works to equip those individuals whom God has gifted for ministry to children. We seek to discover, train, and encourage volunteers, Ministry Partners, to be Christian role models and exercise their spiritual gifts in fruitful service to children and families.

We are relational

Since growth most effectively occurs in the context of nurturing relationships in a biblical community, we create intentional shepherding opportunities for Christian role models. Character, integrity, and grace are primary in our relationships with staff, Ministry Partners, and families.

We are child-centered

All programs, instruction, and activities are developed to meet the spiritual needs of children. We present truth with excellence, creativity, variety, and fun, which allows children to experience God in a personal manner appropriate for their age.

We are safe, secure, and accountable

Procedures to guard the health, welfare, and spiritual development of each child take precedence over all other considerations or conveniences. Accountability to God and our mission is expected of all personnel and programs.

We are family-oriented

Children are served in the context of family relationships. To minister most effectively to children, it requires a broader ministry in partnership with their family.

News to Us
Swingin' Out the Summer

Our Stonebriar 16-piece big band will play jazz favorites featuring the music of Glenn Miller, Stan Kenton, Chris McDonald, and other big band greats on August 27 at 6 p.m. Our artist-in-residence, David Gaschen, will be the...


Seeds of Hope

On August 30 from 6 to 9 p.m., join us to pack seeds and prepare simple farming and irrigation kits designed by Global Aid Network to sprout life-sustaining gardens in developing nations. Every kit includes supplies and training...